Constitution Unit

Constitution Unit

Type NGO
Year founded 1995
Location London United Kingdom United Kingdom
Functions Research
Funding sources Foundations/Grants
Tags governance
Summary The Constitution Unit conducts timely, rigorous, independent research into constitutional change and the reform of political institutions. Our research has significant real-world impact, informing policy-makers engaged in such changes – both in the United Kingdom and around the world.

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Constitution Unit · 13 March 2023 English

Part of the government’s stated motivation for The Counsellors of State Act introducing the bill was a desire to strengthen the right to free speech, but the committee was critical …

Constitution Unit · 1 March 2023 English

Widely reported as calling for the ‘abolition’ of the Lords, the Brown commission more accurately proposed the replacement of the existing chamber with an elected ‘Assembly of the Nations and …

Constitution Unit · 28 February 2023

1 Alan Renwick, Ben Lauderdale, Meg Russell, and James Cleaver, What Kind of Democracy Do People Want? Results of a Survey of the UK Population: First Report of the Democracy …

Constitution Unit · 19 January 2023 English

Background The importance of checks and balances is often cited in debates about the health of democracy, and their erosion is widely considered a sign of democratic backsliding. [...] The …

Constitution Unit · 14 December 2022 English

Judicial independence and access to justice Why does the rule of law matter? The rule of law prevents the abuse of state power, requires the law to be followed by …

Constitution Unit · 9 December 2022 English

This was reflected not just in the number of people who queued to observe her lying in state, and the mounds of flowers laid at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle, …

Constitution Unit · 7 December 2022 English

Is it right for the executive to control the sittings of parliament; or should parliament decide when it should sit, and for how long? The Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011 (FTPA) …

Constitution Unit · 24 November 2022 English

The new monarch responded to to file past for 24 hours, and there was a Vigil of the MSPs’ tributes to his mother in the Scottish Parliament, Princes, which included …

Constitution Unit · 1 November 2022 English

How will you defend the rule of law? At both domestic and international levels there has been significant concern about the government undermining the rule of law, as emphasised by …

Constitution Unit · 27 October 2022

Rishi Sunak’s commitment to appointing a new Independent Adviser on Ministers’ Interests, expressed during the summer leadership contest, and repeated by the Minister for the Cabinet Office, Jeremy Quin, yesterday …

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