Doctors of the World UK

Doctors of the World UK

See also: Médecins du Monde
Type NGO
Year founded 1980
Headquarters London United Kingdom United Kingdom
Functions Advocacy, Fieldwork
Funding sources Foundations or grants
Tags poverty migrants health inequality excluded
Summary Doctors of the World UK runs a clinic and advocacy programmes in London that provide medical care, information and practical support to excluded people such as destitute migrants, sex workers and people with no fixed address. Doctors of the World - Médecins du Monde is an international human rights organization providing emergency and long-term medical care to vulnerable people. When the crisis is over and the cameras leave, we stay for as long as it takes to build better medical infrastructures. We seek out and defend the inconveniently unhealthy and target underlying medical issues.

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Doctors of the World UK · 14 September 2021 English

The COVID-19 pandemic has had –and continues to have– tremendous impact on wellbeing, especially amongst people at risk of vulnerability such as ethnic minorities, homeless people, undocumented migrants and asylum …

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