Economic and Social Research Institute


Economic and Social Research Institute

Type Nonprofit
Wikipedia Wikipedia
Year founded 1960
Headquarters Dublin Ireland Ireland
Functions Research
Funding sources Governments or multi-govt organizations, Foundations/Grants, Member funded
Tags health environment energy trade migration economics taxation and fiscal policy
Summary The ESRI produces independent, high-quality research with the objective of informing policies that support a healthy economy and promote social progress. Ireland is currently facing many challenges on both fronts. Progress requires policies that are grounded in evidence and therefore likely to act as effective solutions to complex policy challenges. At the Institute, we believe that knowledge and facts are the most powerful problem-solving tools for policymakers. Therefore our primary objective is to provide policymakers with robust, objective evidence that can translate into effective policy solutions. This, together with our independence and dedication to the highest academic standards, means that we are never distracted from our vision: informed policy for a better Ireland.

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The Private Rental Sector in Ireland : - Through the Pandemic and …

ESRI · 16 June 2021 English

He is currently a member of the Northern Ireland Fiscal Council, an honorary member of the Society of Actuaries in Ireland, a member of the Royal Irish Academy and an …

Appendices to Growing Up in Ireland Technical Series Report Number 2021-2

ESRI · 2 June 2021 English

How do we deal with issues of confidentiality? As with the previous interviews, we treat all the information you give to a Growing Up in Ireland interviewer during the survey, …

Growing Up in Ireland - COHORT ’98 - Design, Instrumentation and Procedures …

ESRI · 21 May 2021 English

The principal aim of the study is to examine the factors which shape the development of children and young adults in contemporary Ireland and, through this, to contribute to the …

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