Environmental Law Institute


Environmental Law Institute

Type NGO
Website eli.org
Wikipedia Wikipedia
Year founded 1969
Headquarters United States of America United States of America
Budget USD 5M-19M
Functions Research
Funding sources Foundations or grants, Individual citizens
Tags environment climate law
Summary The Environmental Law Institute (ELI) is an independent, non-partisan environmental education and policy research center focused on advancing environmental protection by improving law, policy, and management. ELI is an internationally recognized source of authoritative information and policy research on a wide range of topics in the field of environmental law and governance, committed to delivering timely, insightful, impartial analysis to opinion makers, including government officials, environmental and business leaders, academics, members of the environmental bar, and journalists. ELI fosters innovative, just, and practical law and policy solutions to enable leaders across borders and sectors to make environmental, economic, and social progress. The Institute's Research and Policy group produces research reports and policy recommendations on critical areas of environmental governance; its work is primarily focused on protecting water resources, land, and biodiversity; safeguarding the global commons (earth's climate and oceans); and improving environmental law and its implementation in the U.S. and internationally. Education and training programs for public officials, judges, citizens, and factory managers are a large part of ELI's agenda.


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Nature-Based Mitigation Goals and Actions in State and Tribal Hazard Mitigation Plans

ELI · 1 April 2021 English

Nature-based strategies are actions that use the conservation or restoration of nature, such as ecosystems like wetlands, or green infrastructure projects, to address the risks from natural hazards. Nature-based mitigation …

Indoor Wood Burning: Policies to Reduce Emissions and Improve Public Health

ELI · 1 April 2021 English

Millions of households across the U.S. use wood stoves, fireplaces, and other wood-burning devices as a primary or secondary source of heat. Residential wood burning produces a multitude of air …

Reducing Exposure to Cooking Pollutants: Policies and Practices to Improve Air Quality …

ELI · 1 April 2021

Cooking in a home kitchen produces air pollutants. While some of these pollutants are perceptible in the form of smoke or odors, others – including combustion gases and ultrafine particles …

Integrating Legal Protections for Sharks and Rays into Western and Central Fisheries …

ELI · 1 March 2021 English

Sharks play an essential role in the marine ecosystem. As predators, they help to maintain balance in the food chain, eliminate sick and weak animals, and ensure species diversity; and …

Law and Governance Toolkit for Sustainable Small-Scale Fisheries: Best Regulatory Practices

ELI · 1 December 2020 English

Over the last couple of decades, ocean stewardship efforts have turned to focus on several key approaches, such as the implementation of sustainable fisheries practices, including small-scale fisheries (SSF) co-management. …

Enabling Citizen Science Programs at Environmental Agencies: Recommendations to the U.S. Environmental …

ELI · 1 October 2020 English

This paper outlines key issue areas and makes strategic recommendations to the U.S. EPA and their partners on how to facilitate the uptake of citizen science and sustain its use …

Citizen Science Programs at Environmental Agencies: Case Studies

ELI · 1 October 2020 English

The ability of the public to collect and report reliable data on local conditions has great potential for strengthening environmental protection and supporting the work of environmental agencies. Citizen science …

Citizen Science Programs at Environmental Agencies: Best Practices

ELI · 1 October 2020 English

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is charting a new pathway for the use of citizen science. In recent years, the EPA has played an active role in sharing knowledge …

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