Foreign Policy Centre


Foreign Policy Centre

Type NGO
Year founded 1998
Location London United Kingdom United Kingdom
Functions Research
Funding sources Endowments, Foundations or grants, Individual citizens, University-funded
Tags human rights governance international affairs
Summary FPC is a European think tank launched under the patronage of the British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Its aim is to promote a vision of a fair and rule-based world order. Through its research, publications, and events, FPC aims to develop innovative policy ideas promoting five key ideas: (1) effective multilateral solutions to global problems; (2) democratic, well governed states as the foundation of order and development; (3) public/private partnerships to deliver public goods; (4) support for progressive policy through effective public diplomacy; and (5) inclusive definitions of citizenship to underpin internationalist practice. FPC has a cross cutting project, The Next Generation Democracy, which looks at the future of European democracy with partners in France, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Italy. A follow-up, Global Europe, looks at Europe's role in the world and has held seminars in London, Oslo, and Brussels. It will involve contributions by experts on global security, aid, and development in eight countries, ranging from France to India.

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FPC: Foreign Policy Centre · 15 December 2020 English

In this context there may be some tension between, in the PM’s words, the need for people in the new department to be ‘multi-skilled’ and the Chancellor of the Duty …

FPC: Foreign Policy Centre · 15 December 2020 English

Exiting both the post-Brexit transition period and, vaccines permitting, the toughest COVID restrictions the UK will have an opportunity to set out its vision for the future through the publication …

FPC: Foreign Policy Centre · 11 December 2020 English

It argues that while the UK and its offshore jurisdictions are not the only locations used for the facilitation of financial crime and corruption, the extent to which the UK …

FPC: Foreign Policy Centre · 4 November 2020 English

The aim of this initiative was to uncover the scope and scale of risks and threats facing investigative journalists uncovering financial crime and corruption around the world. [...] The aim …

FPC: Foreign Policy Centre · 27 February 2020 English

The UK remains one of the largest economies in the world, the third biggest international aid donor, the sixth highest country in terms of international military spending and a permanent …

FPC: Foreign Policy Centre · 18 October 2019 English

The introductory section of the Council’s regulation states that the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic regards the issue of illicit drugs as a scourge [for society] and has therefore …

FPC: Foreign Policy Centre · 8 November 2018 English

Salloukh37 The rise of armed sectarian nonstate actors (NSAs) is one of the main consequences of the grand Saudi-Iranian contest over regional dominance unleashed in the wake of the 2003 …

FPC: Foreign Policy Centre · 17 July 2018 English

After almost two decades which saw the advance of liberal democracy in the wake of the cold war, the period since the 2008 financial crisis undermined faith in and the …

FPC: Foreign Policy Centre · 5 December 2017 English

66 Information by the Head of the Office for Foreigners on the application of the Act of 13 June 2003 on Granting Protection to Foreigners within the Territory of the …

FPC: Foreign Policy Centre · 7 January 2016 English

THE TRANSITION FROM THE INFORMAL TO THE FORMAL SECTOR Understanding the real nature and characteristics of jobs and employment markets in the African context is important. [...] While there are …

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