Foreign Policy Research Institute


Foreign Policy Research Institute

Type NGO
Year founded 1955
Headquarters Philadelphia, Pennsylvania United States of America United States of America
Budget USD 1-4.9M
Functions Advocacy, Research
Funding sources Foundations or grants, Member funded
Tags international affairs
Summary The Foreign Policy Research Institute is dedicated to bringing the insights of scholarship to bear on the foreign policy and national security challenges facing the United States. It seeks to educate the public, teach teachers, train students, and offer ideas to advance U.S. national interests based on a nonpartisan, geopolitical perspective that illuminates contemporary international affairs through the lens of history, geography, and culture.


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Cooperation, Competition, and Compartmentalization: Russian-Turkish Relations and Their Implications for the West

FPRI · 8 April 2021 English

Executive Summary The relationship between the Russian Federation and Republic of Turkey is one of the most important bilateral relationships in Eurasia today. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (NATO) original …

How Rising Great Power Tensions Will Affect Central Asia

FPRI · 8 April 2021 English

This article is part of a collaboration between the Foreign Policy Research Institute and the Oxus Society for Central Asian Affairs. The recent escalation in diplomatic tensions between the U.S., …

Assessing the Patterns of PLA Air Incursions into Taiwan’s ADIZ

FPRI · 7 April 2021 English

Global Taiwan Brief, vol. 6, issue 7 In recent months, Chinese government state media outlets have frequently issued warnings to so-called “secessionist forces” allegedly stirring up trouble in Taipei, or …

“Go with the Devil You Don't Know”? Latvians Still Believe in Economic …

FPRI · 7 April 2021 English

This article is based on the author's work on the Central European Institute of Asian Studies 2021 research project “ European public opinion on China in the age of COVID-19 …

Expanding the scope of the GCTF

FPRI · 1 April 2021

Taipei Times Over the past year, Taiwan has received increased international attention due to its stellar response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Taipei has used the attention to argue its case …

Biden Takes on China

FPRI · 1 April 2021

Future historians may well consider President Joseph Biden’s recent comments on China as a pivotal moment in the history of American foreign policy. It was not long ago—early in the …

The Belarus Crisis through the Eyes of its Baltic and Nordic Neighbors

FPRI · 31 March 2021

This article draws on a recent report from the Latvian Institute of International Affairs. For the full report see: “Nordic and Baltic Responses to the 2020 Post-Election Crisis in Belarus.” …

Chinese Business in Central Asia: How Crony Capitalism is Eroding Justice

FPRI · 30 March 2021

This essay is part of an ongoing research project on Chinese firms’ business practices and their developmental effects in Central Asia. I am deeply indebted to my wonderful research assistants, …

Building Soft Power Back Better?

FPRI · 19 March 2021

The Biden administration has multiple competing priorities: COVID-19 and its economic impacts, long-ignored racial fissures, and a growing tenuous relationship with truth, reality, and trust among the populace, just to …

Labs over Fabs: How the U.S. Should Invest in the Future of …

FPRI · 15 March 2021 English

Executive Summary The U.S. semiconductor industry faces an existential competitive threat. China’s efforts to catch up and eventually overtake the U.S. in semiconductor technology is not only an economic challenge—it …

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