Global Green Growth Institute


Global Green Growth Institute

Type Research Center
Year founded 2010
Location Seoul South Korea South Korea
Functions Research
Funding sources Governments or multi-govt organizations|Foundations/Grants
Tags environment energy economics international development sustainability and sustainable development
Summary The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) was founded on the belief that economic growth and environmental sustainability are not merely compatible objectives; their integration is essential for the future of humankind. GGGI is dedicated to pioneering and diffusing a new model of economic growth, known as "green growth," that simultaneously targets key aspects of economic performance, such as poverty reduction, job creation and social inclusion, and those of environmental sustainability, such as mitigation of climate change and biodiversity loss and security of access to clean energy and water. As its diverse Board of Directors reflects, GGGI is a new kind of international organization, interdisciplinary, multi-stakeholder and driven by emerging and developing countries. It has been established by several forward-thinking governments to maximize the opportunity for "bottom up" (i.e., country- and business-led) progress on climate change and other environmental challenges within core economic policy and business strategies. Through its country, industry and research activities, it seeks to serve as a bridge between developed and developing countries, the public and private sectors, and practitioners and scholars, respectively.

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GGGI: Global Green Growth Institute · 7 November 2023 English

called for the integration of two models (TIMES and Energy 38 22.4 identified by the EA scenario and the gradual and consistent GEM), due to the predominant role of the …

GGGI: Global Green Growth Institute · 16 October 2023 English

It is therefore important to ensure broad • sustainable farming, breeding, sustainable forestry and participation and engagement of both men and women in ecotourism; the process of formulation of the …

GGGI: Global Green Growth Institute · 5 October 2023 English

The Long Term Low Emission and Climate Resilient Development Strategy (LT-LEDS) (2021-2050) and the Ten Years Development Plan (2021-2030) and of Ethiopia serves as an umbrella for sectoral and institutional …

GGGI: Global Green Growth Institute · 26 September 2023 French

Ban Ki-moon) et deux vice-présidents Avantages de l'adhésion (République de Corée et Sri Les États membres de GGGI ont accès à l'assistance Lanka) pour des mandats de technique de GGGI …

GGGI: Global Green Growth Institute · 26 September 2023

The result of comparative Economic Analysis The EV retrofitting market can be directly benefited by the promotion of decarbonization strategies and industry New ICE New EV Retrofitted EV innovations and …

GGGI: Global Green Growth Institute · 26 September 2023 English

GGGI_brochure GGGI Membership GGGI Governance Membership to GGGI is open to any Member State of the The Council is the executive United Nations or regional integration organization that organ of …

GGGI: Global Green Growth Institute · 26 September 2023 Spanish

GGGI_GlobalBrochure_Q32023_Spanish_Web Membresía de GGGI Gobernanza de La membresía de GGGI está abierta a cualquier Estado GGGI Miembro de las Naciones Unidas u organización de integración regional que suscriba los objetivos …

GGGI: Global Green Growth Institute · 26 September 2023

Untitled-1 copy حوكمة المعهد العالمي عضوية المعهد العالمي للنمو اخضر للنمو اخضر تتـاح العضويـة في المعهد العالمي للنمو ا¡خضـر ¡ي دولة عضو في ا¡مم المتحدة أو منظمة تكامل إقليمي تشـترك …

GGGI: Global Green Growth Institute · 31 August 2023 English

GGGI will contribute to Tonga’s goal to restore 100% of mangrove forests and other coastal vegetation and to expand the Marine Protected Areas (MPA) and Special Management Areas (SMA) to …

GGGI: Global Green Growth Institute · 22 August 2023 English

and climate changes, their understanding of the Unit, GGGI) and Hyung Lim Suh (Project related issues in their sectors and the broader Over the last 80 years, Mongolia’s average annual …

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