The Global Observatory on Local Finance

The Global Observatory on Local Finance

Type Other
Location Barcelona Spain Spain
Functions Advocacy, Research
Funding sources Governments or multi-govt organizations
Tags local government finance regional government
Summary The Global Observatory on Local Finance, hosted by UCLG, in partnership with the OECD aims to: Share information on local and regional governments finance and structure, based on a broad statistical study on the state of local finance in 101 countries representing 82% of the world population and 87.5 of the world GDP. Present local and regional governments with tools adequate to financial means and capacities. Raise the international profile of UCLG members and contribute their perspective to global debates on financing development and supporting fairer distribution of national revenues; Promote dialogue and partnership between local governments and national governments, international institutions, and academics.

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The Global Observatory on Local Finance · 1 January 2016

This report presents a snapshot of subnational government structure and finances in 101 countries. These countries include 17 federations and 84 unitary countries, and, together, comprise over half a million …

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