Gospodarska zbornica Slovenije

Type Nonprofit
Year founded 1851
Headquarters Ljubljana Slovenia Slovenia

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Discover Slovenia - International Edition - THE FUTURE BELONGS TO THE WINNERS …

CCIS · 14 December 2020 English

All these measures had than any of the previous crises positive effects on the economy during the lockdown, To alleviate the negative consequences of the and will be removed when …

Discover Slovenia - Green. Creative. Smart. Active.

CCIS · 25 November 2019 English

Tourism is an important sector of the economy and Slovenian industrial companies are responsible one that makes full use of the country’s incredible, for the bulk of exports, and the …

Откройте Словению - Позаботьтесь о своём будущем

CCIS · 18 July 2019 Russian

В этом году в Словении состоялись три важных экономических события: конференция «Высокие технологии на службе компании» (апрель, в Витанье), визит губернатора Самарской области (апрель, Торгово-промышленная палата Словении – подробнее в …

Discover Slovenia - Champions of Niche

CCIS · 20 April 2018 English

The standard of the workforce is growing, the According to research by the OECD as well, young country has an enviable level of social rights, the envi- people’s maths and …

Slovenian National Innovation Awards 2017

CCIS · 4 October 2017 English

This enables a reduction in the time necessary for the development and stabilization of the welding process, and consequently shortens the optimization time in relation to the industrial development of …


CCIS · 15 September 2016 English

Within the scope of its programmes and measures, the state strives to promote innovation as a significant competence of both the individual and society as a whole, while research, development …

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