Helen Suzman Foundation


Helen Suzman Foundation

Type Foundation
Website hsf.org.za
Wikipedia Wikipedia
Year founded 1993
Location Johannesburg South Africa South Africa
Functions Education and training, Funding, Research
Tags human rights economics governance
Summary Our liberalism is grounded in Helen’s legacy, and draws from the history of liberal thought in South Africa. It promotes liberal constitutional democracy and rule of law.

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HSF · 18 November 2022 English

The HSF welcomes the opportunity to make submissions to the Department of Social Development on the Non-Profit Organisation Amendment Bill 2021. [...] CLAUSE COMMENTED ON PROPOSAL MOTIVATION Section 4: Establishment …

HSF · 27 October 2022 English

The President’s response to the State Capture report marks an important moment for the country as it demonstrates the political will to accept, take forward and implement the key recommendations …

HSF · 26 October 2022 English

The State Capture Commission made the following recommendations in relation to Bain’s conduct at SARS (refer to page 714 of part 1: volume III of the report in this respect): …

HSF · 25 October 2022 English

In its comments on the proposed Bill to amend the Nonprofit Organisations Act 71 of 1997 (“the Act”), the HSF wishes to contribute to the efficient operation of the Act, …

HSF · 20 October 2022 English

The MEC abused her position of power over patients and staff by publicly using the opportunity to make her Xenophobic statements and her policy positions known to the media in …

HSF · 16 September 2022 English

Those who represent us in Parliament, provincial and local legislatures should be directly answerable to the people in their communities and constituencies, and they should not only report to their …

HSF · 7 September 2022 English

8 In what follows, we address the following topics in turn: 8.1 First, we begin by outlining the material facts and legal principles which are common cause; 8.2 Second, we …

HSF · 4 July 2022 English

From the available information in the reports, the conclusion reached by the MPAB is that the applicant is stable and does not qualify for medical parole according to the Act. …

HSF · 15 June 2022 English

The Bill purports, in the main, to create and ensure the autonomy of the magistracy from the Executive and bring the discipline of magistrates in line with the dispensation applicable …

HSF · 15 June 2022 English

The Judiciary, and the courts, are the guardians of the Constitution and must uphold the rule of law. [...] Section 2(2) indicates that the desire of the Department is for …

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