Institut Français des Relations Internationales


Institut Français des Relations Internationales

Type Research Center
Wikipedia Wikipedia
Year founded 1979
Headquarters Paris France France
Budget USD 5M-19M
Functions Advocacy
Funding sources Corporations, Governments or multi-govt organizations, Individual citizens
Tags health environment energy migration economics climate governance social policy international affairs defense and security technology and innovation
Summary IFRI is a nonpartisan center with the dual purpose of studying major foreign policy issues and encouraging intellectual debate, international cooperation, and interaction in an unofficial setting. As both a research center and a forum for meetings and debate, IFRI's field of study and action comprehensively covers the political, economic, and strategic dimensions of international relations. IFRI assembles a continually updated stock of information and documentation and aims to improve people's understanding of an increasingly complex environment and provide a basis for more informed decision-making. The institute helps sensitize French society to international problems by fostering dialogue between business, political, civil service, academic, student, and media circles and presents and explains French debates and policies to interested foreigners.

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IFRI · 6 January 2022

Despite their difference in size, Korea and the EU have developed over time a strong and deep relation through direct investment flows. Germany dominates the relationship, but there remains ample …

IFRI · 3 January 2022

Since 2015, South American countries have been dealing with the greatest forced displacement in their history. More than 5.6 million Venezuelans have left their country under harsh conditions, fleeing deteriorating …

IFRI · 22 December 2021

Despite some constraints on their Indo-Pacific strategies, South Korea and France could consider bilateral dialogues for partnership in the Indo-Pacific, leading to a high level of confidence and strategic convergence …

IFRI · 16 December 2021

Russia’s Islam has been much more than the two Chechen wars, and regular terrorist actions that have shaken the Russian territory. Islam constitutes an integral part of Russia’s history and …

IFRI · 14 December 2021

How to reduce the vulnerabilities induced by these global value chains to be more independent, while taking into account the reality of these productive processes which precisely generate interdependencies? The …

IFRI · 14 December 2021

The eurozone crisis marked a real failure of European Union policy, which led to mediocre economic performance and the erosion of its political legitimacy among the populations of member states. …

IFRI · 13 December 2021

Françoise Nicolas contributed the chapter on trade, providing more insights into the opportunities and challenges South Korea and the EU need to address to revive the rules-based multilateral trading system. …

IFRI · 10 December 2021 English

The grand coalition’s record on European policy is mixed. On budgetary issues, the CDU-CSU and SPD were able to implement the agreements in the coalition agreement, but on fundamental reforms …

IFRI · 10 December 2021

This seems like a fitting moment to strengthen European cooperation on defense. A clear objective has been identified: to be able to deploy a European military force during times of …

IFRI · 10 December 2021

One cannot help but wonder about Germany’s future foreign policy when one considers both the weight of the Federal Republic and the many crises we face internationally. The new German …

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