Institut für Weltwirtschaft


Institut für Weltwirtschaft

Type NGO
Name in English Kiel Institute for the World Economy
Year founded 1914
Headquarters Kiel Germany Germany
Functions Research
Tags economics
Summary The Kiel Institute is an international center for research in global economic affairs, economic policy consulting, economic education and documentation. The Institute engages especially in creating solutions to urgent problems in global economic affairs. On basis of its research, the Institute advises decision-makers in policy, business, and society and informs the broader public about important developments in international economic policy. Research activities in the research are The Environment and Natural Resources focus on the allocation of environmental and natural resources. The Kiel Institute investigates the factors influencing the increasing scarcity of natural resources. Moreover, it assesses their impact on the allocation of production factors and on the changes they bring to the world economy. The Kiel Institute evaluates international and national aspects of environmental policy measures and make proposals for rational and efficient use of environmental policy instruments. Traditionally, there is a strong focus on climate change and climate policy.

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KI EL W ORKING P APER - Trade Liberalization along the Firm …

IfW · 14 July 2021 English

We interact these size bins with the dummy Idt, taking the category of the smallest exporters as the base category.22 The associated series of coefficients βk captures ηfpdζfpd for the …

KIELER KONJUNKTUR- BERICHTE Weltwirtschaft im Sommer 2021

IfW · 13 July 2021 German

Der im ersten Verbrauch mit der erwarteten kräftigen Konjunk- Quartal 2021 verzeichnete Anstieg der Fracht- turerholung in den kommenden Monaten spür- kosten führt nach Schätzungen der OECD bar erhöhen, gleichzeitig …

KIEL WORKING PAPER Populism and COVID-19: How Populist Governments (Mis)Handle

IfW · 8 July 2021 English

We postulate that the probability of the less virulent version of the pandemic (L), π increases with the input of action and effort by both government and private citizens, hence …


IfW · 8 July 2021 German

• Mit der Fördermaßnahme zur „Internationalisierung von Spitzenclustern“, die über die vergangenen fünf Jahre von Forschern des IfW Kiel wissenschaftlich begleitet wurde, rückt die Offenheit der Cluster für Impulse von …

KI EL W ORKING P APER Cross-Country Evidence on the

IfW · 29 June 2021 English

The first idea is that beliefs about the fairness of the economic system and of the deservedness of the recipients of the welfare state benefits matter for preferences for redistribution …

KI EL W ORKING P APER - Capitalism Recoupled

IfW · 28 June 2021 English

5 markets and the use of financial metrics to measure the success of business and the economy – turbocharged access to capital, the globalization process and the accompanying technological advances. …


IfW · 25 June 2021 English

Production 3.0 100 fell markedly in the UK or Japan and growth 1.0 slowed in China, while the expansion in the rest 99 -1.0 GDP of Asia continued at a …


IfW · 25 June 2021 English

After the resurgence of the Covid-19 pandemic interrupted the economic recovery in the winter, GDP will expand at a fast pace in the further course of the year and exceed …

KIELER KONJUNKTUR- BERICHTE - Deutsche Wirtschaft im Sommer 2021

IfW · 18 June 2021 German

Erst in der zweiten Hälfte des kom- auch die sich mit der Überwindung der Pande- menden Jahres unterschreitet die Sparquote der mie kräftig erholende Nachfrage wirkt preistrei- privaten Haushalte die …

Integrating Carbon Dioxide Removal Into European Emissions Trading

IfW · 18 June 2021 English

In one of the central scenarios for meeting an European Union-wide net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions target by 2050, the emissions cap in the European Union Emissions Trading System …

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