Institute for Policy Integrity

Institute for Policy Integrity

Type Research Center
Year founded 2008
Location New York City, New York United States of America United States of America
Functions Advocacy, Research
Funding sources Foundations or grants
Tags environment energy economics governance
Summary The Institute for Policy Integrity is a non-partisan think tank based at New York University School of Law dedicated to improving the quality of governmental decision-making. We produce original scholarly research in the fields of economics, law, and regulatory policy. We also advocate for reform before courts, legislatures, and executive agencies. Our primary area of focus is climate and energy policy.

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Institute for Policy Integrity · 14 November 2023 English

These reclassifications became possible under a rule finalized in 2020, which EPA refers to as the Major MACT to Area or MM2A Rule (2020 Rule).3 We make the following recommendations …

Institute for Policy Integrity · 6 November 2023 English

The RIA already explains how the Proposed Rule’s changes could have prevented the failures leading to the Merrimack Valley incident.28 For example, the RIA notes that Columbia Gas of Massachusetts …

Institute for Policy Integrity · 3 November 2023 English

Department of the Interior Subject: Coastal Plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, 2023 Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement for the Coastal Plain (DOI- BLM-AK-0000-2021-0006-EIS) The Institute for Policy Integrity …

Institute for Policy Integrity · 16 October 2023 English

For passenger cars and light trucks, EPCA instructs NHTSA to set fuel-economy standards at the “maximum feasible average fuel economy level” that “manufacturers can achieve” in each model year.7 NHTSA …

Institute for Policy Integrity · 16 October 2023 English

In November 2022, EPA released a draft update to the social cost of greenhouse gases that faithfully implements the roadmap laid out in 2017 by the National Academies of Sciences …

Institute for Policy Integrity · 2 October 2023 English

§ 824p(h) to expedite the federal authorization of transmission projects.3 In the revised IIP process, after the “initial” meeting between a project proponent and federal agencies, the project proponent would …

Institute for Policy Integrity · 2 October 2023 English

AD23-10-000 COMMENTS OF THE INSTITUTE FOR POLICY INTEGRITY AT NEW YORK UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF LAW Pursuant to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC or the Commission) September 17, 2023 notice,1 …

Institute for Policy Integrity · 29 September 2023 English

With respect to climate change mitigation and resilience, for instance, the Proposed Rule would amend the definition of “effects” that agencies must consider under NEPA to expressly “include climate change-related …

Institute for Policy Integrity · 20 September 2023

In essence, the social cost of carbon is an estimate of the damage caused by each ton of carbon pollution released into the air, in dollars. [...] All three of …

Institute for Policy Integrity · 14 September 2023 English

And if courts have reason to substantially doubt that the agency would have issued the rule absent the invalid portion or that the remainder can function independently, they generally decline …

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