Institute of Development Studies


Institute of Development Studies

Type Research Center
Year founded 1966
Location Brighton United Kingdom United Kingdom
Budget USD 20M-49M
Functions Advocacy, Education and training, Research
Funding sources Foundations or grants, Governments or multi-govt organizations
Tags health environment governance social policy sustainability and sustainable development
See also BRIDGE
Summary IDS, affiliated with the University of Sussex, aims to stimulate debate and influence the way people think about development in all sectors of its work. The institute's activities can be divided into three broad areas: research and advisory work, teaching and training, and information services. IDS research covers a wide range of development questions, including the environment, globalization, governance, health and social change, participation, and poverty, and much of its work is carried out in partnership with other research organizations worldwide. IDS teaching program is known for its academic excellence and is strongly research-led, drawing the ongoing work of the IDS research teams into the classroom. IDS is also home to a range of innovative information services, including the British Library for Development Studies (BLDS), and the development information service, Eldis.

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IDS: Institute of Development Studies · 17 July 2023

This study explores knowledge translation (KT) in the global South and provides recommendations for funders to support more effective structures and strategies for the use of research for equitable development. …

IDS: Institute of Development Studies · 10 March 2023

The costs of the Covid-19 Pandemic are unknown but they have been unequally distributed both within and between countries. Preparedness plans proved inadequate in many settings – especially when it …

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