International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems


International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems

Type Think Tank
Year founded 2015
Location Brussels Belgium Belgium
Functions Fieldwork, Research
Tags food security sustainability
Summary IPES-Food is a panel, established in 2015, that works to shape debates on food system reform through policy-oriented research and direct engagement with policy processes around the world. The panel brings together environmental scientists, development economists, nutritionists, agronomists, and sociologists, as well as experienced practitioners from civil society and social movements.   IPES-Food’s work is guided by four principles: holistic approach that addresses food systems in their entirety, sustainability approach that includes environmental, health, social, cultural, and economic dimensions of food systems, political economy approach that recognizes the power relations and influences exercised by actors within the food system, and a democratic approach to knowledge that identifies the value of state-of-the-art research in the natural and social sciences, while recognizing the importance of experiential, indigenous and traditional knowledge.

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IPES-food · 22 May 2022 Spanish

crisis mundial de precios de los alimentos 2022

IPES-food · 20 May 2022 French

Il appelle plutôt à agir d’urgence pour soutenir les pays importateurs de denrées alimentaires (notamment par l’allègement de la dette), s’attaquer à la spéculation sur les produits de base, améliorer …

IPES-food · 4 April 2022 English

The production, processing, DEFINING KEY TERMS OF and retail of livestock plays a crucial economic role for THE ‘PROTEIN’ DEBATE approximately 60% of rural households in developing countries, and contributes …

IPES-food · 31 March 2022 Portuguese

Enquanto isso, a pesca e a aquicultura proporcionam meios de subsistência a quase 60 milhões de pessoas em todo o mundo e mais de 3 bilhões de pessoas dependem de …

IPES-food · 31 March 2022 Spanish

En el marco de estos debates, cada vez más polarizados, se exigen hoy distintas soluciones y «transiciones proteicas»: desde los impuestos a la carne y la financiación de la I+D …

IPES-food · 31 March 2022 French

Aborder la discussion par ces prismes mène à une vision partielle et à des «solutions miracles» simplistes de cinq façons: 1 UNE IMPORTANCE EXCESSIVE ACCORDÉE AUX PROTÉINES Pendant des années, …

IPES-food · 30 March 2022 English

The Politics Of Protein FAKE MEAT IN THE SPOTLIGHT INFOSHEET APRIL 2022 FAKE MEAT WILL NOT SAVE THE PLANET A new report by IPES-Food, The Politics of Protein, reveals that …

IPES-food · 30 March 2022 English

Framing the discussion around these claims narrows the lens in five key ways, leading to simplistic silver bullet solutions: 1 OVEREMPHASIS ON PROTEIN For decades, the perceived need for more …

IPES-food · 22 December 2021 French

Ces documents et présentations25 convergent vers un certain nombre de rôles clés pour le "GIEC pour l'alimentation" proposé : (1) un mécanisme d'échange de connaissances entre les domaines scientifiques et …

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