Johann Heinrich von Thünen-Institut


Johann Heinrich von Thünen-Institut

The Thünen Institute is a German Federal Research Institute under the auspices of the German Ministry of Food and Agriculture. It was founded in 2008 from three previous agencies. The headquarters are in Braunschweig. The Thünen Institute comprises 14 institutes: Locations: BS - Braunschweig (Lower Saxony), TR - Trenthorst (Schleswig-Holstein), HH - Hamburg, EBW - Eberswalde (Brandenburg), GH - Großhansdorf (SchleswigHolstein), BHV - Bremerhaven (Bremen), HRO - Rostock (Mecklenburg-West Pomerania); and also external offices in Waldsieversdorf (Brandenburg) and Barsbüttel (Schleswig-Holstein). It covers the following disciplines: Agriculture / Food Rural Studies, Farm Economics (BS) Market Analysis (BS) Agricultural Technology (BS) Climate-Smart Agriculture (BS) Biodiversity (BS) Organic Farming (TR) Forestry / Timber Wood Research (HH) International Forestry and Forest Economics (HH) Forest Ecosystems (EBW) Forest Genetics (GH) Oceans / Fisheries Sea Fisheries (BHV) Fisheries Ecology (BHV) Baltic Sea Fisheries (HRO) In 2019 it had 1061 staff member including 573 scientists who conducted 1236 lectures , wrote 794 publications,.

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