Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis


Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis

Type Research Center
Wikipedia Wikipedia
Year founded 1997
Location Nairobi Kenya Kenya
Functions Research
Funding sources Governments or multi-govt organizations
Tags africa governance social policy sustainability and sustainable development
Summary The mission of KIPPRA is to provide quality public policy advice to the Government of Kenya by conducting objective research and analysis and through capacity building in order to contribute to the achievement of national development goals.

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KIPPRA · 16 December 2021 English

Specifically, the objectives of the conference were to: examine the human resource development relevant for ST&I in Kenya; assess the infrastructure and related policies to support ST&I in Kenya; evaluate …

KIPPRA · 3 September 2021 English

The conference resolutions provide an opportunity to researchers, policy makers, and actors in both public and private sectors to continue the dialogue in bridging the identified gaps to drive science, …

KIPPRA · 18 June 2021 Swahili

Maadili na Kanuni Zetu za Msingi Weledi na maadili katika katika utoaji wa huduma; Ushindani wa haki na sifa katika uteuzi na kukuza; Utawala bora; Uwazi na uwajibikaji; Ufanisi; Usikivu, …

KIPPRA · 14 June 2021 English

Thinking Policy Together KIPPRA CITIZENS SERVICE DELIVERY CHARTER Our Vision An international centre of excellence in public policy research and analysis Our Mission To provide quality public policy advice to …

KIPPRA · 11 January 2021 English

f e p tel 20 tro o f tr us de e, ac hib i con nge to in ed nm wn a n e e o c o rain …

KIPPRA · 17 August 2020 English

as it provides the foundation and structures for the realization of the Government’s agenda for inclusive The theme of the Kenya Economic Report 2020 is growth. [...] The objective is …

KIPPRA · 6 February 2020 English

NATIONAL VALUES & PRINCIPLES OF GOVERNANCE National Values & Principals of Governance ABOUT KIPPRA The Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis (KIPPRA) is a State Corporation under …

KIPPRA · 18 June 2019 English

To ensure the strategic plan is realized, the Institute’s culture will be nurtured in the context of the National Values and Principles of Governance; and Values and Principles of Public …

KIPPRA English

The provisions of the section 9 relating to conduct of business and affairs of the Board shall apply with necessary modifications with respect to the conduct of the business and …

KIPPRA English

The overall inflation in Kenya in the fourth quarter of 2020 averaged 5.31 per cent compared to 5.44 per cent in the same quarter in 2019. [...] The exchequer allocation …

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