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Website educationvoters.org
Headquarters Seattle, WA United States of America United States of America

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LEGISLATIVE ASSOCIATE About League of Education Voters The Position

LEV Foundation · 26 June 2021 English

The Position LEV seeks an emerging legislative advocate who is ready to learn through study, observation, and practice, and excited to support the advancement of LEV’s education legislative agenda in …

Resumen de la Ley de Comienzo Justo para los Niños

LEV Foundation · 25 May 2021 Spanish

LEY DE COMIENZO JUSTO PARA LOS NIÑOS Después de un año difícil para los niños, las familias y proveedores quienes componen nuestro ecosistema de aprendizaje de la primera infancia, la …

2021-2023 PRESUPUESTO BIENAL RESUMEN - Educación en la Primera Infancia

LEV Foundation · 10 May 2021 Spanish

2021-2023 PRESUPUESTO BIENAL RESUMEN Este presupuesto bienal (Proyecto de ley del Senado 5092) es especialmente complicado dada la legislación federal aprobada recientemente, ARPA, la cual dirigió billones de financiación federal …

2021-2023 BIENNIAL BUDGET SUMMARY Early Childhood Education Expanding access to the

LEV Foundation · 28 April 2021 English

2021-2023 BIENNIAL BUDGET SUMMARY This biennial budget (Senate Bill 5092) is especially complicated given the recently passed federal legislation, ARPA, which directed billions of federal funding to Washington state that …

Audio Transcript

LEV Foundation · 7 April 2021 English

What has that been like? 126 00:20:57.330 --> 00:21:10.950 Nathan Plummer: Yeah, you know I think to reiterate everything that has been said, I love the obstacle course analogy and …

2021-2023 BIENNIAL BUDGET SIDE-BY-SIDE Governor Proposed House Proposed Senate Proposed

LEV Foundation · 5 April 2021 English

2021-2023 BIENNIAL BUDGET SIDE-BY-SIDE Governor Proposed All amounts are per biennium unless noted House Proposed Senate Proposed (Governor’s budget was All amounts are per All amounts are per proposed prior …

Audio Transcript

LEV Foundation · 2 April 2021 English

32 00:04:50.550 --> 00:04:57.060 Chris Reykdal: And just before he got approval from the US Senate, the department put out information that said “Okay, we now kind of are grounded, …

Audio Transcript

LEV Foundation · 3 March 2021 English

24 00:03:59.340 --> 00:04:09.750 Arik Korman: They will discuss how educator and principal prep programs work to undo the injustices that have led to the current disparities between the diversity …

Audio Transcript

LEV Foundation · 13 February 2021 English

77 00:12:20.940 --> 00:12:28.020 Tana Senn: So a few years ago, the Chamber of Commerce, along with the Association of Washington Business and a bunch of other groups, Department of …

Local Levies - Frequently Asked Questions - 1. What is a local …

LEV Foundation · 27 January 2021 English

A levy rate of $1.00 means that for every $1,000 of property value, the owner of the property will have to pay $1.00 in taxes. [...] A levy rate of …

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