Manohar Parrikar Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses


Manohar Parrikar Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses

Type Research Center
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Year founded 1965
Headquarters New Delhi India India
Functions Education and training, Research
Tags international security
Summary IDSA was founded to study major issues affecting India's national security. Later on, it expanded the scope of its activity to include strategic studies and issues of international security. The institute has evolved to become a think tank that provides input to the policy-making process of the nation. IDSA's main focus is on India's security concerns, both within its periphery as well as on global issues that have a direct bearing on its security and international relations. The institute is engaged in various academic exchanges and Track II dialogue processes. The states/institutions it has thus engaged include China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, US, Russia, Japan, France, Israel, the International Pugwash Conference and selected UN organs.

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MP-IDSA · 6 January 2022 English

The OPCW On October 4, Bassam Sabbagh, the continues to dispute the accuracy of that Permanent Representative of Syria to the assertion. [...] Additional contributed 20,000 Euro to a special …

MP-IDSA · 6 January 2022 English

IC regarding the roots (direct source and genomic origin) of the pandemic virus (as of August 27, 2021) Assessment Assessment Argumentative Comments (by authors confidence level content factors of the …

MP-IDSA · 4 January 2022 English

Recently, on December 3, 2021, the 26th Session of the Conference of the States Parties to the CWC in The Hague concluded. [...] The Member States of OPCW assessed the …

MP-IDSA · 4 January 2022 English

Japan and the UK have decided to Japan intends to spend ¥117.70 billion to jointly develop engine technology for both carry out research, for instance, using the UK-led Tempest and …

MP-IDSA · 3 January 2022 English

“These trials proved the possibility of launching this hypersonic missile both from a surface ship and a nuclear-powered submarine from the submerged position." Also known as Zircon and SS-N-33 (NATO …

MP-IDSA · 29 December 2021 English

During the summit, them will continue to remain in the country the GCC countries alleged Iran of its in order to provide assistance, training and involvement in destabilising activities in …

MP-IDSA · 22 December 2021 English

The spokesman for the that could address some of the alleged Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, concerns about Iran's peaceful nuclear Yahya Rasoul, stated in a statement program,” Amir Abdollahian …

MP-IDSA · 17 December 2021 English

Fostering a culture of responsible innovation Essential Elements of that promotes and supports consideration of the broader impacts of research and Strengthening the development can contribute to the process of …

MP-IDSA · 16 December 2021 English

The accomplishments of its however, may not have declared its entire implementation agency, the OPCW, have stockpile.2 These complicated and dangerous been many including safe and verified destruction processes have …

MP-IDSA · 16 December 2021 English

At the same time, the coalition, on the whole, in a massive effort to transition to renewable energy wants to spend €50 billion annually to accelerate the transition to green …

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