Minderoo Foundation

Minderoo Foundation

Type Foundation
Website minderoo.org
Year founded 2013
Location Broadway Nedlands Australia Australia
Functions Funding, Research
Funding sources Foundations or grants
Tags oceans flood culture slavery fire waste community
See also Walk Free
Summary Minderoo Foundation is a philanthropic organisation that incubates ideas and accelerates impact across a range of causes. These causes range from eliminating childhood cancer to improving early childhood education, ending modern slavery and driving accountability in and responsibility for global overfishing, plastic pollution, global warming and the tech ecosystem.

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Minderoo Foundation · 6 February 2023 English

In this 2023 edition, the Plastic Waste Makers Index includes new estimates of cradle-to-grave greenhouse gas emissions from single-use plastics, demonstrating how single-use plastics producers also contribute to the climate …

Minderoo Foundation · 17 January 2023 English

- our understanding of the deep sea The deep sea is thereafter and its role in regulating climate • Access – Deep-sea research constrained into depth-defined change and global biodiversity …

Minderoo Foundation · 14 October 2022 English

The exposures occurring now and in the near sub-sectors of the plastic supply chain – principally future could significantly affect the plastics industry, on manufacturers of specific chemicals and primary …

Minderoo Foundation · 16 September 2022 English

For this report, KPMG supported the analysis of plastic materials flows, capacity expansion for improving the management of plastic waste, and the financing of infrastructure necessary to improve the circularity …

Minderoo Foundation · 13 September 2022 English

The Framework provides a The Framework provides holistic model to catalyse and actionable and accessible tools influence disaster resilience for resilience practitioners, strategy, policy, practice and community leaders, policy- evaluation …

Minderoo Foundation · 22 August 2022 English

Between them, the Parties have exercised • Turrbal Country, land of blue water lilies and the Maiwar River care and diligence in the preparation of this report and • Jagera …

Minderoo Foundation · 9 August 2022 English

For the Global Fishing Data statement 2 Index, the Sea Around Us supported the analysis of the state of fish Correspondence 2 stocks, including collating publicly available data and generating …

Minderoo Foundation · 4 August 2022 English

A world-first assessment of the governance and sustainability of fisheries in 142 coastal states, the GFI uncovers critical gaps leading to overfishing and calls on governments and businesses to declare …

Minderoo Foundation · 4 August 2022 English

The Mending the Net report reviews Australia’s seafood import regulations and the information required for importation under Australia’s current framework to trace imported seafood back to the source. [...] United …

Minderoo Foundation · 4 August 2022 English

Program National/Global OCEANOMICS (Australia) Vision We aim to revolutionise ocean conservation through the development and application of next generation genomic tools, to allow for a massive increase in the collection …

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