Mo Ibrahim Foundation

Mo Ibrahim Foundation

Type Foundation
Wikipedia Wikipedia
Year founded 2006
Location London United Kingdom United Kingdom
Functions Advocacy, Research
Funding sources Endowments
Tags governance international development social policy
See also IIAG
Summary The Mo Ibrahim Foundation was established in 2006 with a focus on the critical importance of leadership and governance in Africa. The Foundation is a non-grant making and non-fundraising organisation. It focusses on defining, assessing and enhancing governance and leadership in Africa through four main initiatives: Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG); Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership; Ibrahim Governance Weekend; and Ibrahim Leadership Fellowships.

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Mo Ibrahim Foundation · 26 January 2023 Arabic

يف عام 2021، يعيش ما يقرب من 70% من سكان القارة يف بلد يعترب مستوى األمن وسيادة القانون فيه أسوأ مام كان عليه يف عام 2012. [...] وعىل الرغم من …

Mo Ibrahim Foundation · 25 January 2023 Portuguese

Uma vez que em 2023 nos encontramos a meio do percurso para cumprir os Objetivos de Desenvolvimento Sustentável (ODS) e o primeiro marco de 10 anos da Agenda 2063, é …

Mo Ibrahim Foundation · 24 January 2023 English

The median score for the sub-category has decreased by -2.5 points over the ten-year period (from 82.5 in 2012 to 80.0 in 2021), as the countries in the lower half …

Mo Ibrahim Foundation · 24 January 2023 English

The continent’s worsening security situation and democratic backsliding are all the more concerning given the combined impacts of global, non-African born challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the climate …

Mo Ibrahim Foundation · 24 January 2023 French

Il est donc urgent de prendre des mesures contre le recul de la démocratie et l’augmentation de l’insécurité afin de ne pas effacer plusieurs années de progrès en matière de …

Mo Ibrahim Foundation · 5 December 2022 English

The cover decision document emphasises on the need to enhance the share of renewable energy in the energy mix of countries and encourages the phase down of unabated coal power …

Mo Ibrahim Foundation · 24 November 2022 English

They include the Cape Floristic Region, the Eastern almost one quarter Afromontane, the Coastal Forests of Eastern Africa, the Guinean Forests of West Africa, Madagascar and the Indian Ocean Islands, …

Mo Ibrahim Foundation · 15 November 2022 English

Africa's critical minerals Africa at the heart of a low-carbon future MO IBRAHIM FOUNDATION 2 Africa’s critical minerals place it at the heart of a global low-carbon future Africa holds …

Mo Ibrahim Foundation · 14 November 2022 English

As of 2019, eight of the ten countries with the highest share of GDP globally were also among the top ten historic emitters. [...] Renewables alone are not driving decoupling …

Mo Ibrahim Foundation · 28 October 2022 French

• En 2020, les catastrophes naturelles ont provoqué • En moyenne, plus de deux tiers de la population des le déplacement de 4,3 millions de personnes, ce pays africains les …

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