More in Common

More in Common

Type Think Tank
Year founded 2016
Location London United Kingdom United Kingdom
Functions Advocacy, Research
Funding sources Foundations or grants
Tags society
See also Destin Commun
Summary More in Common works on both short and longer term initiatives to address the underlying drivers of fracturing and polarization, and build more united, resilient and inclusive societies. Our work starts with building a strong evidence base through our research. In each of our four priority countries, we have engaged thousands of people through surveys, interviews, focus groups, community conversations and expert interviews. We ask about their experiences, values, fears and hopes. We regularly publish original insights from this work and our research has been covered in hundreds of media articles across our four countries. More in Common is overseen by a global board responsible for the overall strategy and governance of the organization. We also have national boards in each of our four priority countries. These boards reflect a wide range of expertise and experience at the highest levels of government, civil society, academia and philanthropy. More in Common’s teams across the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Germany work closely together and share a commitment to advancing our mission.

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More in Common · 13 March 2023 English

Operation Iraqi Freedom at 20: Americans and the Iraq War For the 20-year Anniversary of the launch of Operation Iraqi Freedom, More in Common, through its Veterans and Citizens Initiative, …

More in Common · 13 March 2023 English

A new report by More in Common finds that one year on from its launch the UK's Homes for Ukraine scheme has been a broad success that should be celebrated …

More in Common · 7 March 2023 English

More in Common 4 TABLE OF CONTENTS ☞ Salience of the Iraq War ☞ Views towards the Iraq War ☞ Credit and Blame ☞ Memories of the Iraq War ☞ …

More in Common · 15 February 2023 French

Information : cinquante nuances de défiance Les Français face à la désinformation LAURENCE DE NERVAUX ET TRISTAN GUERRA Février 2023 Information : cinquante nuances de défiance Les Français face à …

More in Common · 31 January 2023 English

Divergence: While most Americans believe it is important to overwhelmingly believe that the history of observe Black History Month, Americans’ views diverge along minority groups is integral to American political, …

More in Common · 31 January 2023 English

The margin of error (adjusted for weighting) analyzing the section of the population that voted and other is +/- 3% for the US average and higher for subgroups. [...] More …

More in Common · 27 January 2023 English

With the exception of murder and traffic offences, most Britons do not think that the police treat crimes with the appropriate level of seriousness Trust in the police is fragile …

More in Common · 11 January 2023 English

unable to recognize the stories of success and Baby Boomers and the Silent Generation are progress in the country’s history. [...] Democrats’ Actual Views Republicans’ Estimates Independents’ Estimates Gap % …

More in Common · 15 December 2022 English

More in Common 8 Ohioans are wary of the current political climate and feel the impact of inflation More in Common Most Ohioans think extremists on both sides of the …

More in Common · 6 December 2022 English

In a moment of political division and weakened trust in the institutions of education, government and the media, we have a clear opportunity to disrupt the polarization fueling the history …

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