National Information Standards Organization


National Information Standards Organization

Type Nonprofit
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Year founded 1939
Predecessor NFAIS: National Federation of Advanced Information Services
Location Baltimore, MD United States of America United States of America
Tags libraries scholarly publishing standards
Summary NISO, the National Information Standards Organization, is a non-profit association accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). We identify, develop, maintain, and publish technical standards and recommended practices to manage information in today's continually changing digital environment. NISO standards apply to both traditional and new technologies and to information across its whole lifecycle, from creation through documentation, use, repurposing, storage, metadata, and preservation. Founded in 1939, incorporated as a not-for-profit education association in 1983, and assuming its current name the following year, NISO draws its support from the communities we serve. The leaders of around 100 organizations in the fields of publishing, libraries, IT, and media serve as our Voting Members. Over 500 experts and practitioners from across the information community serve on NISO working groups, committees, and as officers of the association.

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NISO · 17 September 2014 English

Topic: Open Access Infrastructure

NISO · 31 August 2010 English

While the NISO CORE Working Group recommends SOAP be used as the Web Services transport mechanism, the specifics of the SOAP configuration are beyond the scope of the CORE recommended …

NISO · 1 July 2009 English

With the amount of digital book content growing rapidly and the number of formats multiplying, the metadata required to support the discovery, sale, and use of content by a global …

NISO · 24 June 2008 English

Even in the case of a true Corrected or Enhanced Version of Record, we recommend that the accompanying metadata specify who has made the update (with the default being the …

NISO · 3 December 2007

86 Page i A FRAMEWORK OF GUIDANCE FOR BUILDING GOOD DIGITAL COLLECTIONS FOREWORD The 3rd edition of A Framework of Guidance for Building Good Digital Collections was produced by the …

NISO · 7 August 2006 English

6 The MXG Protocol The MXG protocol consists of a Request made by the Metasearch Service (MS) to the Content Provider's (CP) resource and a Response from the CP to …

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