North Pacific Marine Science Organization


North Pacific Marine Science Organization

Type Government
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Year founded 1992
Location Victoria, BC Canada Canada
Functions Sets standards or regulations
Tags marine science government affairs
Summary PICES, the North Pacific Marine Science Organization, is an intergovernmental scientific organization that was established and held its first meetings in 1992. Its present members are Canada, Japan, People's Republic of China, Republic of Korea, the Russian Federation, and the United States of America.

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PICES · 9 June 2022 English

Schedule Tentative Schedule for the 2022 SPF Symposium Time Events 08:00-18:00 Registration 09:00-13:00 Workshops 1 Workshop 2 Workshop 5 (room TBA) (room TBA) (room TBA) 10:50-11:10 Coffee Break 11:10-13:00 Workshops …

PICES · 25 May 2022 English

PICES 2022 schedule (August 2, 2022) Note ● Detailed Sessions/Workshops schedules will be available in August ● Most Business Meetings (BM) of Expert Groups (EG), except for a few specified …

PICES · 24 May 2022 English

In particular, we plan on examining the influence of climate variability and change on trophic linkages and, ultimately, the distribution and abundance of MBMs in the North Pacific. [...] SmartNet …

PICES · 9 May 2022 English

The Oyashio transport off Hokkaido decreased remarkably during the past decades (1993– 2011), caused by the frequent appearance of clockwise warm eddies originating in the Kuroshio, and the decrease was …

PICES · 6 May 2022 English

Fei Yu (Institute of Oceanology, CAS,; Dr. [...] The introduction of ocean turbulence, ocean turbulence measuring method, ocean turbulence measuring instruments and data processing technique will be presented in …

PICES · 4 May 2022 English

Contact us to participate and collaborate in SMARTNET! Learn more SmartNet will: in the eco magazine special UNDOS issue: • Implement a coordinated global network to support production and yvywpyjf …

PICES · 28 April 2022 English

SST anomalies show the widespread effect of El Niño events in 1983, 1992, 1997‒1998, and the prolonged effect of the marine heat wave in 2014‒2016 related to The Blob and …

PICES · 6 April 2022 English

Encourage and integrate S-CCME science with and between external climate assessment organizations and provide knowledge to the scientific communities, national and global advisory bodies such as the IPCC and IPBES …

PICES · 22 March 2022 English

The goals of WG 48 are to summarize the strengths, limitations, and recent progress of imaging systems and deployment platforms which could facilitate the deployment of imaging systems for plankton …

PICES · 25 February 2022 English

The next PICES Annual Meeting will take place in Busan, Korea; in 2023 the first joint PICES/ICES Annual Meeting will take place in the USA, with the city still to …

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