Observer Research Foundation


Observer Research Foundation

Type NGO
Year founded 1990
Headquarters New Dehli India India
Functions Research
Tags environment energy economics governance social policy defense and security sustainability and sustainable development
Summary ORF began its journey in 1990 at the juncture of ideation tempered by pragmatism. During the period of India’s transition to a new engagement with the international economic order, several challenges emerged, evoking a need for an independent forum that could critically examine the problems facing the country and help develop coherent policy responses. ORF was thus formed, and brought together, for the first time, leading Indian economists and policymakers to present the agenda for India’s economic reforms.

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SPECIAL - The Role of India’s Northeast in the Regional Cooperation Architecture

ORF · 29 June 2021 English

of the Northeast and emphasises the potential and Such engagement will enhance regional solidarity challenges of connectivity efforts in the region; at the political, economic, and societal levels. [...] 9 …

ISSUE NO. 322 - JUNE 2021 - Occasional Paper

ORF · 28 June 2021 English

The Constitution further states under Article 73 and 162 that the executive power of the Union and states is “coextensive with the legislative power”.23 Thus, from the constitutional scheme, the …

Emerging Technology,Indian Armed Forces,Indian Army,Indian Navy,Military Budget

ORF · 25 June 2021 English

Over the past few decades, the technology development cycle has undergone drastic changes.2 However, the importance of in-house R&D within the military is yet to be properly addressed, due to …

Issue NO. 321 - JuNe 2021 - Occasional Paper

ORF · 24 June 2021 English

6 The Story of ‘Multilatinas’ in India The story of Latin American investments in India runs parallel to that of the country’s economic growth. [...] It can be a difficult …

SPECIAL - Preventing a Repeat of the COVID-19 Second-Wave Oxygen Crisis in …

ORF · 24 June 2021 English

Meanwhile, problem was noted during the peak of the first wave medium and small hospitals, as well as nursing in September 2020, and recurred on a much larger homes, rely …

SPECIAL - The Role of BIMSTEC in Revitalising India’s Northeast

ORF · 21 June 2021 English

India is the the establishment of the BIMSTEC Transport lead country for this sector, focusing on and Connectivity Working Group; and provisions the various forms of connectivity—trade, transport, to provide …

SPECIAL - India’s Vaccine Rollout: A Reality Check

ORF · 31 May 2021 English

What ensued was a blame A number of states have issued global tenders game between the Centre and the States on the even as they halted the vaccination drives for …

Issue NO. 318 - May 2021 - Occasional Paper

ORF · 26 May 2021 English

Occasional Paper The Article 370 Amendments on Jammu and Kashmir: Explaining the Global Silence Jahnavi Sodhi Abstract The amendment of Article 370 in August 2019, which effectively nullified the special …

Issue NO. 317 - May 2021 - Occasional Paper

ORF · 26 May 2021 English

The Rain City Strategy identified numerous components, such as bioswales, rain gardens, green roofs, permeable pavements, engineered wetlands, modular systems and absorbent landscapes, to achieve the goals of water management …

Issue NO. 316 - MAY 2021 - Occasional Paper

ORF · 25 May 2021 English

The Centre and state governments need to come together to ensure energy efficiency and conservation and support the setting up of better infrastructure for non-conventional energy generation and transmission. [...] …

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