Observer Research Foundation


Observer Research Foundation

Type Research Center
Year founded 1990
Location New Dehli India India
Functions Research
Tags environment energy economics governance social policy defense and security sustainability and sustainable development
Summary ORF began its journey in 1990 at the juncture of ideation tempered by pragmatism. During the period of India’s transition to a new engagement with the international economic order, several challenges emerged, evoking a need for an independent forum that could critically examine the problems facing the country and help develop coherent policy responses. ORF was thus formed, and brought together, for the first time, leading Indian economists and policymakers to present the agenda for India’s economic reforms.

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ORF · 4 August 2022

China-India relations are in a state of limbo. There is no progress but no deterioration either, at least on the surface. Despite frequent meetings between the two sides, India and …

ORF · 4 August 2022

The global macroeconomy has undergone unprecedented change in recent years, particularly because of the COVID-19 pandemic. While the G20 had an effective coordinating role in steering the global economy through …

ORF · 4 August 2022

India will assume the presidency of the G20 in 2023. One of the key policy challenges for India and other member states is how to regulate the global digital economy. …

ORF · 4 August 2022

Sustainable finance emerged as a key issue to tackle climate change at the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference and is spurring a global transition to net zero. A peculiar …

ORF · 4 August 2022

The risk of supply chain shocks has never been more palpable than today, following compounding crises from the US-China trade war, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the war in Ukraine. Global …

ORF · 3 August 2022

For the first time in seven decades, the spectre of an invasion of Taiwan looms large. From Chinese military activities aimed at pressuring the island to statements by key American …

ORF · 2 August 2022

With the built urban form witnessing increasing intensity and frequency of adverse climate events, cities will have to play a central role in achieving India’s ambitious ‘Net Zero’ target by …

ORF · 1 August 2022

Climate change, conflicts, and various crises have exposed the vulnerabilities of global food systems. Acute food insecurity and undernourishment have become more prevalent in recent times, and the imperative is …

ORF · 31 July 2022

India is currently celebrating its 75th year as an independent nation. The Indian Government’s ‘Azadi Ki Amrit Mahotsav’ initiative – a wide-ranging commemoration of the country’s achievements, growth and leadership …

ORF · 30 July 2022

At a time of multiple global disruptions unfolding almost simultaneously, it is easy to forget that South Asia has always been a turbulent region. Political and economic challenges have continued …

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