Peace Research Insitute Oslo


Peace Research Insitute Oslo

Type Research Center
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Year founded 1959
Location Oslo Norway Norway
Functions Education and training, Research
Tags peace and conflict studies
Summary The Migration research group addresses central theoretical aspects of migration and transnationalism, and the ways in which these phenomena are connected with peace and conflict. We seek to understand migration processes, the transnational ties created after migration, and their consequences for individuals and societies.

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PRIO: Peace Research Insitute Oslo · 14 March 2023 English

The research ques- land was bought in Chimaltenango for the con- Front (EPLF), and the African National tion in this study focuses on whether and how struction of houses for …

PRIO: Peace Research Insitute Oslo · 14 March 2023 English

The first relates to how the allocation of funding across the different pathways impacts the vol- ume and function of the funding available for the delivery of GPGHs. [...] Given …

PRIO: Peace Research Insitute Oslo · 7 March 2023 English

The presidential election is by far the nificant concessions, while Anastasiades’ critics within the most important election since the President of the Republic is Greek Cypriot community accused him of …

PRIO: Peace Research Insitute Oslo · 1 March 2023 English

In showing that the pandemic contributed to a renegotiation of co-governance between the State, criminal organisations, and business associations, we contribute to understandings of the dynamics of distributive politics and …

PRIO: Peace Research Insitute Oslo · 23 February 2023 English

Indeed, over the past few years, the involvement of Russia in the Sahel has moved out from under the shadow of European involvement to being at the forefront of public …

PRIO: Peace Research Insitute Oslo · 17 February 2023 English

As democratization in Africa is closely linked to the conditionalities of international financial institutions such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) (Faure & Lane, 1996: 34), …

PRIO: Peace Research Insitute Oslo · 6 February 2023 English

PRIO POLICY BRIEF 01 2023 A Hidden Conundrum: Security Assistance and Informality in the Sahel When providing security assistance Brief Points (SA) to countries in the Sahel, both the The …

PRIO: Peace Research Insitute Oslo · 30 January 2023 English

The reported im- drones, it was a US supplier (General Atom- ginning of the war in Ukraine, Turkish-made pact of Turkish drones in the early stages of the ics) that …

PRIO: Peace Research Insitute Oslo · 26 January 2023 English

After analyzing the writings of the German officers during the interwar 3 era in Hitler’s Panzers, Showalter ends the debate once and for all, by portraying the indigenous development of …

PRIO: Peace Research Insitute Oslo · 17 January 2023 English

GPS POLICY BRIEF 01 2023 Women and DDR in Mozambique The Exclusionary and Inclusionary Dynamics of DDR Programs Protecting women from conflict- Brief Points related sexual violence and facilitat- ing …

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