Pennsylvania Horticultural Society

Type Nonprofit
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Year founded 1827
Location Philadelphia, PA United States of America United States of America

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PHS: Pennsylvania Horticultural Society · 13 May 2021 English

3 PHS began its intentional journey to embrace Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in 2017, and has taken significant steps along the journey through the work of the staff in the …

PHS: Pennsylvania Horticultural Society · 11 September 2020 English

Then put the hourly cost of the worker in the Per Unit Cost column to get the total amount. [...] Put the cost of the herbicide itself (i.e., the chemical …

PHS: Pennsylvania Horticultural Society · 12 June 2020 English

3 Did the organization cease conducting, or make significant changes in how it conducts, any program services? m m m m m m m m m m m m m …

PHS: Pennsylvania Horticultural Society · 18 May 2020 English

LC_Pollinators-Handout Pollinator Gardens In 2019, the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) partnered with the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) to transform a network of 50 vacant lots in West and Northwest Philadelphia …

PHS: Pennsylvania Horticultural Society · 6 February 2020 English

Find application materials and “Philadelphia Tree Planting Policies & Priorities” at Identify a leader to serve as your Tree Tenders group’s primary contact for PHS and others. [...] After your …

PHS: Pennsylvania Horticultural Society · 14 August 2017 English

TreeVitalize Philadelphia Tree Planting Application TreeVitalize Philadelphia Bare Root Tree Planting - Tree Tenders Group Application Cover Sheet TREE TENDERS GROUP:_____________________________________________ Primary Contact / Group Leader (One leader and at …

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