Potsdam-Institut fur Klimafolgenforschung


Potsdam-Institut fur Klimafolgenforschung

Type NGO
Name in English Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
Website pik-potsdam.de
Year founded 1991
Headquarters Pottsdam Germany Germany
Functions Research
Funding sources Governments or multi-govt organizations
Tags environment climate water agriculture and food social policy sustainability and sustainable development
Summary The Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) was founded in 1992 and now has a staff of about 300 people. At PIK researchers in the natural and social sciences work together to study global change and its impacts on ecological, economic and social systems. They examine the Earth system's capacity for withstanding human interventions and devise strategies for a sustainable development of humankind and nature. PIK research projects are interdisciplinary and undertaken by scientists from the following Research Domains: Earth System Analysis, Climate Impacts and Vulnerabilities, Sustainable Solutions and Transdisciplinary Concepts & Methods. Through data analysis, computer simulations and models, PIK provides decision makers with sound information and tools for sustainable development. In addition to publishing results in scientific journals the Institute gives advice to national and regional authorities and, increasingly, to global organisations such as the World Bank. Understanding the Earth system is a huge task that no institution or country can tackle alone. PIK is part of a global network on questions of global environmental change. It closely collaborates with various international partners.


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New color image cryptosystem via SHA-512 and hybrid domain

PIK · 1 April 2021 English

Most current image encryption algorithms directly confuse and/or diffuse the image pixels only in spatial domain which results in reducing storage efficiency and making the cipher-image incompressible. In this paper, …

Our future in the Anthropocene biosphere

PIK · 1 April 2021 English

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed an interconnected and tightly coupled globalized world in rapid change. This article sets the scientific stage for understanding and responding to such change for global …

Synchronization of coupled memristive competitive BAM neural networks with different time scales

PIK · 1 April 2021 English

In this paper, synchronization of coupled memristive competitive bidirectional associative memory (BAM) neural networks with different time scales is discussed. Two kinds of feedback controllers are designed such that the …

Simulating dynamics of circulation in the awake state and different stages of …

PIK · 1 April 2021 English

We propose a mathematical model of the human cardiovascular system. The model allows one to simulate the main heart rate, its variability under the influence of the autonomic nervous system, …

Small-Signal Stability of Multi-Converter Infeed Power Grids with Symmetry

PIK · 1 April 2021 English

Traditional power systems have been gradually shifting to power-electronic-based ones, with more power electronic devices (including converters) incorporated recently. Faced with much more complicated dynamics, it is a great challenge …

Quantifying the parameter dependent basin of the unsafe regime of asymmetric Lévy-noise-induced …

PIK · 1 April 2021 English

In real systems, the unpredictable jump changes of the random environment can induce the critical transitions (CTs) between two non-adjacent states, which are more catastrophic. Taking an asymmetric Lévy-noise-induced tri-stable …

Is wetter better? Exploring agriculturally-relevant rainfall characteristics over four decades in the …

PIK · 1 April 2021 English

The semi-arid Sahel is a global hotspot for poverty and malnutrition. Rainfed agriculture is the main source of food and income, making the well-being of rural population highly sensitive to …

Evaluating the grassland NPP dynamics in response to climate change in Tanzania

PIK · 1 April 2021 English

Livestock is important for livelihoods of millions of people across the world and yet climate change risk and impacts assessments are predominantly on cropping systems. Climate change has significant impacts …

Optimal mean‐square consensus for heterogeneous multi‐agent system with probabilistic time delay

PIK · 1 April 2021 English

This paper studies the mean‐square consensus for heterogeneous multi‐agent systems with probabilistic time delay. Each agent in the system has an objective function and only knows its own objective function. …

While shoot herbivores reduce, root herbivores increase nutrient enrichment’s impact on diversity …

PIK · 25 March 2021 English

Nutrient enrichment is widespread throughout grassland systems and expected to increase during the Anthropocene. Trophic interactions, like aboveground herbivory, have been shown to mitigate its effect on plant diversity. Belowground …

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