The Policy Institute

The Policy Institute

Type Research Center
Location London United Kingdom United Kingdom
Functions Research
Funding sources University-funded
Tags children democracy cities evidence young people communities 'health systems'
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Summary The Policy Institute at King’s College London works to solve society’s challenges with evidence and expertise. The Policy Institute works across seven main research areas, with communications, impact and engagement an important connecting thread. Our research themes are: Trust, facts and democracy ; Communities and opportunity; Health systems and delivery; The value of evidence; Cities, growth and innovation; Children and young people; and Defence and security policy.

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The Policy Institute · 8 March 2022 English

In a new report, Jonathan Slater, who was the most senior civil servant at the DfE from 2016 to 2020, writes that while public engagement is a core part of …

The Policy Institute · 16 September 2021 English

Older people are just as likely as younger people to recognise the need for action on climate change and to say they’re willing to make big sacrifices to protect the …

The Policy Institute · 16 September 2021 English

Londoners’ and Parisians’ satisfaction with their local area is undented despite lockdowns forcing them to spend much more time closer to home, and satisfaction with local services in the cities …

The Policy Institute · 2 September 2021

Selfish baby boomers? Miserable Gen X? “Snowflake” millennials and Gen Z? Are you bored or annoyed by the tired clichés about you and your generation? In Generations: Does When You're …

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