Type NGO
Website wearepossible.org
Wikipedia Wikipedia
Year founded 2019
Predecessor 10:10 Climate Action
Location London United Kingdom United Kingdom
Budget USD 500k-999k
Functions Advocacy, Fieldwork, Research
Funding sources Foundations or grants, Individual citizens
Tags climate transport urban low-carbon 'clean energy'
Summary Possible (which changed its name from 10:10 Climate Action in October 2019) is a charity that enables people to take practical action on climate change, and combines these local actions to inspire a more ambitious approach to the issue at every level of society. Founded in 2009, the organisation began by campaigning for a 10% reduction in carbon emissions in 2010, and has since broadened its approach to include a range of projects focused on carbon reduction and renewable energy. Possible’s work focuses on five key areas where we know the British public can and must have an impact: Cleaning up energy - achieving zero carbon power and zero carbon homes; Changing how we travel - swapping cars for public transport and active travel, planes for trains - and electrifying everything; Changing what we eat and buy - switching to plant-rich diets, ending waste, and learning to have more fun with less stuff; Working with nature - restoring nature to lock up carbon and protect us from climate impacts; Talking about the climate crisis - breaking the climate silence, and empowering everyone to understand the crisis we face.

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Possible · 16 October 2023 English

With respect to greenhouse gases, it is no longer true that low income motorists are likely to be driving more polluting vehicles. Average CO2 emissions per kilometre (gCO2/km) from new …

Possible · 11 November 2022 English

This research briefing provides estimates of the costs of different measures proposed by the campaign alongside the potential benefits that could accrue to the households, the government, and the wider …

Possible · 11 May 2022 English

This report published in collaboration with Green Gumption assessed every public climate target which the international aviation industry set itself since 2000. We found that all but one of over …

Possible · 31 March 2021

This report presents the results of a rapid top-level evidence review, undertaken in July and August 2020, of the grey and academic literature on flight frequency patterns globally. We targeted …

Possible · 8 January 2021 English

School Streets Reducing c hildren’s exposure t o toxic air pollution and r oad d anger January 2 021 / Possible is a U K b ased c limate charity …

Possible · 1 January 2021

High levels of air pollution in urban areas throughout the UK have a devastating impact on children’s health which can be severe, long term and even deadly. The UK has …

Possible · 1 November 2020

Low traffic neighbourhoods, or LTNs, are increasingly being used in London and other cities and countries to reduce through motor traffic in residential areas, aiming also to increase local walking …

Possible English

She is also an Associate with Transport for Quality of Life, and is actively engaged in the transport decarbonisation agenda, including co-authoring a series of reports for Friends of the …

Possible English

Traffic Filters Results Safe streets and strong support for filters 84.9 percent of people living on streets with traffic filters want to keep their filter, compared with just 8.1 percent …

Possible English

LTNs for all? Mapping the extent of London’s new Low Traffic Neighbourhoods November 2020 Possible is a UK based climate charity working towards a zero carbon society, built by and …

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