Progressive Economy Forum


Progressive Economy Forum

Type Think Tank
Year founded 2018
Location London United Kingdom United Kingdom
Functions Advocacy, Research
Tags economics economic policy neoliberalism austerity
Summary The Progressive Economy Forum was founded in May 2018 and brings together a Council of eminent economists and academics to develop a new macroeconomic programme for the UK. The Forum seeks to advance macroeconomic policies that address the modern challenges of environmental breakdown, economic insecurity, social and economic inequalities, and technological change. The Forum opposes austerity and the current ideology and narrative of neoliberalism, campaigns to bring austerity to an end and ensure that austerity is never used again as an instrument of economic policy.

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PEF · 11 May 2022 English

When Britain left the EU, both sides agreed to a Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) to govern their relationship. This covered issues like taxes on exports and imports, and fishing …

PEF · 13 January 2022 English

For example, in the Global Financial Crisis 2007-8, the primary focus was on the role of finance; in the pandemic, we have perhaps a handful of different focuses, the role …

PEF · 22 September 2021 English

A new approach is needed, recognising the immense importance of care to our economy and society, with care work properly supported in all its forms, effective support from the public …

PEF · 30 June 2021 English

Addressing the economic challenge from China.9 American Rescue Plan The American Rescue Plan builds on the March 2020 CARES Act and the December 2020 Consolidated Appropriations Act to provide temporary …

PEF · 21 January 2020 English

As instructive and important as the other contributions have been, I want to talk about economic policy, because unless the economy works a lot better than it has in the …

PEF · 4 December 2019 English

With the country standing at a crossroads and the choices between the political parties’ stark, the result will determine the future direction of the country. [...] The levels of public …

PEF · 13 November 2019 English

The main finding in the paper is that, whereas the ability of the Bank to control inflation is itself questionable, the effectiveness of the Bank’s open market operations in regulating …

PEF · 22 October 2019 English

Wrenching the UK out of the EU, into the US system Given the likely economic consequences of Brexit, there can be only one real economic agenda for the right-wing Brexit …

PEF · 17 October 2019 English

The scale of the damage points to a much higher multiplier: a figure of 1.5 for the UK is realistic and within the range of the IMF’s 2012 reassessment. [...] …

PEF · 13 September 2019 English

The development of the coordinated economic instutions (see Diagram 1) and the regional and local presence of the NIB and other institutions seeks to address the issue of the limited …

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