Research Foundation for the State University of New York

Type Nonprofit
Website rfsuny.org
Year founded 1951
Headquarters Albany, NY United States of America United States of America

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Accounting Policy Manual - Table of Contents

RF SUNY · 16 July 2021 English

In the event that the information on a check presented for payment does not agree to the list of checks issued, the bank notifies the RF, with the option to …

The Research Foundation for The

RF SUNY · 2 July 2021 English

At the termination of the leasing period, the equipment may be returned to the leasing agency and the equipment should be retired from RAMI. [...] To be a lease, a …

RFP - Manage project for Campus deliverables for F&A rate proposal and …

RF SUNY · 28 June 2021 English

Overview: This Event is issued by the Research Foundation of the State University of New York at Stony Brook to solicit proposals to manage project for campus deliverables for Facilities …

Research Foundation for SUNY - Welcome to Davis Vision! - Your Davis …

RF SUNY · 14 June 2021 English

Research Foundation for SUNY Welcome to Davis Vision! Using your benefits is easy! Just log on to our Member site at davisvision.com We are pleased to provide you with information …


RF SUNY · 3 June 2021 English

SUNY RESEARCH FOUNDATION 2022 OPERATING PLAN June 2021 1 | P a g e Summary: In compliance with the 1977 Agreement between the RF and SUNY, and guided by the …

FY2021 Course Descriptions, Dates, Times & Registration Links

RF SUNY · 13 May 2021 English

Participants are provided knowledge, tools, and templates to elevate their abilities while also having the opportunity to ask questions, brainstorm ideas, and discuss the difficulties, distractions, and roadblocks unique to …


RF SUNY · 29 April 2021 English

PHASED RETIREMENT PERIOD The phased retirement period will be determined by the employee with the approval of the employee’s manager/supervisor, the principal investigator or department head, and the campus HR …


RF SUNY · 3 February 2021 English

Exempt Organization Business Income Tax Return (and proxy tax under section 6033(e))

Performing Document Collections

RF SUNY · 29 January 2021 English

The collection action allows the user to place documents into a collection set and collect the native (original) of the document. [...] Hover over the row of the folder you …

References List of Values - Lookup Code Meaning Lookup Code Description

RF SUNY · 26 January 2021 English

References List of Values Lookup Code Meaning Lookup Code Description Application Number Application Number Proposal Date Proposal Date Research Enhancement Award Research Enhancement Award CAE Reportable CAE Reportable Subaward with: …

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