Resources for the Future


Resources for the Future

Type NGO
Year founded 1952
Location Washington, D.C. United States of America United States of America
Budget USD 20M-49M
Functions Research
Funding sources Corporations, Foundations or grants, Governments or multi-govt organizations, Individual citizens, Member funded
Tags environment energy economics climate land use transportation resilience
Summary In 1952, a presidential commission mandated the creation of a research institution to examine the nation’s use of natural resources and implications for the future of the US economy and national security. Resources for the Future (RFF) was founded as a result—the first think tank in the USA devoted exclusively to natural resource and environmental issues. The organization’s notable contributions include pioneering and developing the fields of environmental and resource economics, creating analytical techniques widely used in economic and policy analysis, producing landmark surveys of America’s energy and resource future, and crafting policy innovations that are now embodied in environmental, energy, and natural resource regulatory regimes around the world.

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RFF: Resources for the Future · 17 November 2023 English

Tracking and Evaluation of Research, Development, and Demonstration Programs at the US Department of Energy Lucie Bioret, Yuqi Zhu, Alan Krupnick, and Aaron Bergman Report 23-17 November 2023 Tracking and …

RFF: Resources for the Future · 16 November 2023 English

We estimate the following specification: yim = β1Temperaturem + hw + εim (5) where yim measures the number of days elapsed between the day the user first entered the retailer’s …

RFF: Resources for the Future · 15 November 2023 English

What Can Federal Place-Based Economic Policies Teach Us about the Energy Transition? Srutakirti Mukherjee and Daniel Raimi Report 23-16 November 2023 What Can Federal Place-Based Economic Policies Teach Us about …

RFF: Resources for the Future · 13 November 2023 English

His articles have appeared in such publications as Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Environmental Science and Technology, the Review of Economics and Statistics, the Journal of Hazardous Materials, …

RFF: Resources for the Future · 9 November 2023 English

Analysis of the projects by the National Institute for Food and Agriculture (largely the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NSAC) through its Agriculture and Food Research Initiative) indicates a greater focus …

RFF: Resources for the Future · 26 October 2023

Of these PILOT funds, 65 percent went to the Kenmore-Tonawanda School District, 21 percent to the Town of Tonawanda, and 14 percent to Erie County for the duration of the …

RFF: Resources for the Future · 20 October 2023 English

The only study I am aware of that acknowledges the effect of growth uncertainty on expected values is that of Ni and Maurice (2021), who note that uncertainty affects the …

RFF: Resources for the Future · 17 October 2023 English

The Persistence of Volumetric Pricing ii Abstract How to recover the costs of electricity distribution has become a prominent and controversial issue in the wake of California Public Utilities Commission …

RFF: Resources for the Future · 16 October 2023 English

We examine two alternative formulations of changes in forest land: one based on net changes in total forest land, and a second that addresses all components of net change and …

RFF: Resources for the Future · 12 October 2023 English

2022) incremental benefits from increasingly ambitious to estimate the global economic benefits of limiting scenarios, but even the baseline scenario reflects some of temperature rise to the Paris Agreement targets …

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