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Royal Society of Canada

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Year founded 1882
Location Ottawa, ON Canada Canada
Functions Research
Summary To serve Canada and Canadians by recognizing Canada’s leading intellectuals, scholars, researchers and artists and, by mobilizing them in open discussion and debate, to advance knowledge, encourage integrated interdisciplinary understandings and address issues that are critical to Canada and Canadians.

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RSC · 17 May 2022 French

• Mettre sur pied un groupe de travail national sur la concertation avec la main-d’œuvre infirmière afin de faire participer les infirmières qui travaillent directement avec le public à l’élaboration …

RSC · 17 May 2022 French

La pandémie de COVID-19 a mis en lumière de Une note de breffage de la SRC 6 nombreux facteurs apparemment étonnants, mais bien connus qui poussent les infirmières à quitter …

RSC · 12 May 2022 English

Investing in Canada’s Nursing Workforce Post-Pandemic: A Call to Action 3 Mandate and Scope This report aims to identify and better understand factors that have contributed to longstanding nursing shortages …

RSC · 12 May 2022 English

Case Study: Interviews with nurses in Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan Objective III: Examine the effectiveness of policies and strategies (as identified in method component 2) and report the experiences of …

RSC · 27 April 2022 French

JOUR 1 : mercredi, le 15 juin 2022 | Lieu : SOBEY 255 HEURE SÉANCE INTERVENANTS 9:00 - 9:30 Arrivée et café (du café et du thé seront servis toute …

RSC · 22 March 2022 English

As to whether requiring proof of vaccination truly provides a safer environment, double vaccination does initially reduce the risk of transmitting the Omicron variant, but this protection rapidly wanes. [...] …

RSC · 14 March 2022 English

D., Professor, Queen’s University and PREVNet Scientific Director Like it or not, the masks are coming off, and it is what adults do, and say, that will make children and …

RSC · 3 March 2022 English

The occupations at borders and in Ottawa are another example of the disruptive effects of what the WHO calls an infodemic, an onslaught of poor and incorrect content that interferes …

RSC · 8 February 2022 English

This “doing well” depends to a large extent on two things during this global pandemic: the nature (and magnitude) of the trauma children have endured and the security provided by …

RSC · 2 February 2022 English

She is an Associate Professor at the University of Guelph and Regional Director for the Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative, Ontario and Nunavut Joe Copper Jack is a Yukon First Nation …

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