Smart Prosperity Institute


Smart Prosperity Institute

Type Research Center
Location Ottawa, ON Canada Canada
Functions Advocacy, Research
Funding sources Foundations or grants, Governments or multi-govt organizations
Tags innovation environment economics circular economy sustainability industry and services
Summary Smart Prosperity Institute is a national research network & policy think tank focused on practical policies & market solutions for a stronger, cleaner economy. Made up of business, environment, policy and academic leaders, the Smart Prosperity Institute (formerly, Sustainable Prosperity) is a national green economy think tank/do tank. They harness leading-edge thinking to advance innovation in policy and markets, in the pursuit of a greener, more competitive Canadian economy. At the same time, SPI actively helps broker real-world solutions by bringing public and private sector decision-makers to the table with expert researchers to both design and apply innovative policies and programs. They believe that achieving the necessary innovation in policy and markets for a stronger, greener Canadian economy requires a new knowledge base and new conversations. SPI’s approach is to promote both. They: generate policy-relevant, expert knowledge; foster innovative conversations and connections; and inform smart policy solutions.

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SPI · 24 May 2022 French

En outre, la possible d’envisager un soutien création de cadres de mesure du financier élargi afin de contribuer à rendement peut contribuer à soutenir répondre à l’évolution des besoins les …

SPI · 24 May 2022 English

Jobs and Skills in the Transition to a Net-Zero Economy A Foresight Exercise 1 Partners The Diversity Institute conducts and coordinates multi-disciplinary, multi- stakeholder research to address the needs of …

SPI · 25 April 2022 English

It is time to combine intersectional perspectives with a systems thinking approach to better understand climate In rural communities, climate change is expected to increase impacts the frequency and intensity …

SPI · 6 April 2022 English

About Energy Futures Policy Collaborative The Energy Futures Policy Collaborative (EFPC) is a new and exciting initiative developed by the Max Bell Foundation and the Energy Futures Lab to explore …

SPI · 6 April 2022 English

While several companies root in the province in the form of innovations to build operating in the province are already taking steps to future-fit hydrocarbon industries – industries built transition …

SPI · 4 April 2022 English

The Energy Futures Policy Collaborative is a new and exciting initiative developed by the Max Bell Foundation and the Energy Futures Lab to explore how Alberta and Canada can harness …

SPI · 18 March 2022 English

The London area is growing in population, and an increasing proportion of that growth is occurring outside of the boundaries of the City of London. [...] iv Introduction: The London …

SPI · 15 March 2022 English

By grounding policy design in a more realistic understanding of how producers act and behave, behavioral approaches have the potential to accelerate the adoption of BMPs that generate ‘win-win’ outcomes …

SPI · 14 March 2022 English

Politically, however, the implications for the incumbents and their behavior is likely to have a big impact on the policies and the shift in capital that results. [...] Sixth, and …

SPI · 9 March 2022 English

As a whole, this report aims to catalyze discussion around four key Establish a vision of Identify top opportunities questions that cover the why, the what, and the how of …

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