Type Nonprofit
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Location Witney United Kingdom United Kingdom
Functions Advocacy, Education and training, Research, Sets standards or regulations
Funding sources Corporations, Foundations or grants, Member funded
Tags libraries publishing scholarly publishing
Summary UKSG is an international association that exists to "connect the information community" and "encourage the exchange of ideas on scholarly communication". The name UKSG originally stood for United Kingdom Serials Group, but the association is now known simply as UKSG as it has expanded beyond the UK and beyond serials to include e-books and other electronic resources. UKSG's 500 or so member organizations include libraries, publishers, information suppliers, intermediaries and technology vendors from around the world. Membership of UKSG and associated benefits cover all employees within an organisation. Individual membership is also available as is free membership for students over 18. UKSG is a registered charity led by a main committee of volunteers (three Honorary Officers (Chair, Treasurer and Secretary), nine elected members and up to six co-opted members) who work in a variety of capacities within the scholarly communication industry. UKSG works to facilitate discussion, stimulate research, support the professional development of its members and disseminate information about the scholarly communications sector. It runs an annual conference in the spring and a One-Day Conference and Forum in the late autumn. It also runs regular seminars, webinars and training courses. It supports an active email discussion list, lis-e-resources: a forum in which members can exchange and discuss industry news and developments.

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UKSG · 16 March 2022

As pressures mount from global funding mandates and initiatives like Plan S, publishers are seeking sustainable solutions to transition their subscription portfolios to open access. For self-publishing societies with niche …

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