United Nations Development Programme


United Nations Development Programme

Type IGO
Website fao.org
Year founded 1965
Location New York City, New York United States of America United States of America
Budget USD >100M
Functions Education and training, Fieldwork, Research
Funding sources Governments or multi-govt organizations
Tags sustainable development health human rights international development social policy
Summary As the lead UN development agency, UNDP is well-placed to help implement the Goals through our work in some 170 countries and territories. We support countries in achieving the SDGs through integrated solutions. Today’s complex challenges—from stemming the spread of disease to preventing conflict—cannot be tackled neatly in isolation. For UNDP, this means focusing on systems, root causes and connections between challenges—not just thematic sectors—to build solutions that respond to people’s daily realities.

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UNDP: United Nations Development Programme · 23 March 2023 English

For democracy to thrive, it is critical that we have effective capabilities to counter information pollution in elections, yet in the context of elections this is a relatively new field. …

UNDP: United Nations Development Programme · 23 March 2023 English

With the SDGs, countries agreed that Peace, Planet, Partnership, Prosperity and People are connected. To maximise synergies and minimize trade-offs, their interactions need to be better understood. While 'SDG interlinkages' …

UNDP: United Nations Development Programme · 14 March 2023 English

The HIV and Health Annual Report tells a story of delivering in an era of polycrisis. In 2021-2022, though multiple, interconnected crises continued to threaten progress on the 2030 Agenda, …

UNDP: United Nations Development Programme · 10 March 2023 English

Since 2020, UNDP in collaboration with Agirre Lehendakaria Center (ALC), has been supporting Social Innovation Platform (SIP) to strengthen governance, inclusive participation and foster socio-economic development at the subnational level. …

UNDP: United Nations Development Programme · 1 March 2023 English

This Signals Spotlight – the first of its kind for UNDP – is part of our effort to become more agile and anticipatory. It draws on our prototype Future Trends …

UNDP: United Nations Development Programme · 27 February 2023 English

The United Nations Development Programme’s (UNDP) global project “Ending Gender-Based Violence and Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals” seeks innovative ways to address gender-based violence (GBV), including through integrating GBV programming …

UNDP: United Nations Development Programme · 26 February 2023 English

The aim of these GUIDELINES ON GENDER-RESPONSIVE AND SOCIALLY INCLUSIVE CLIMATE COST-BENEFIT ANALYSIS (CCBA) is to facilitate factoring potential climate change impacts into a conventional project cost-benefit analysis, and ensuring …

UNDP: United Nations Development Programme · 26 February 2023 English

The Asia-Pacific region is fast growing and fast adapting. The nexus of geopolitical, economic, natural, and biological risks has heightened uncertainty across the region. Their intersection with ongoing global volatility, …

UNDP: United Nations Development Programme · 22 February 2023 English

The UN’s SDG Stimulus Plan, which calls for additional liquidity, effective debt restructuring and the expansion of development financing, has the potential to free up significant fiscal space in developing …

UNDP: United Nations Development Programme · 18 February 2023 English

Climate change is already impacting negatively on the health and well-being of individuals across the globe, and this burden is likely to become more important and debilitating over time. Due …

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