United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction


United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction

Type IGO
Website undrr.org
Wikipedia Wikipedia
Year founded 1999
Headquarters Geneva Switzerland Switzerland
Functions Funding, Research, Sets standards or regulations
Tags natural disasters
Summary UNISDR’s mandate has been defined by a number of United Nations General Assembly Resolutions, the most notable of which is “to serve as the focal point in the United Nations system for the coordination of disaster reduction and to ensure synergies among the disaster reduction activities of the United Nations system and regional organizations and activities in socio-economic and humanitarian fields

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UNISDR · 10 January 2022

and affected the lives Vasiti has a background in geo-science and data analysis and of many communities, authored the first pacific women in geospatial science magazine, in support of STEM …

UNISDR · 23 December 2021 Korean

아프리카 지역 포럼, 유엔 지속가능발전 협력 프레임워크에 재난위험경감 및 기후변화적응 통합 방안 모색 2021년 11월 16일, 제8차 재난위험경감을 위한 아프리카 지역 포럼의 준비 세션에서는 유엔대표단, 각국 정부 및 관련 기관을 …

UNISDR · 14 December 2021 Spanish

Informe Completo Informe de evaluación regional sobre el riesgo de desastres en América Latina y el Caribe Desafíos para la reducción del riesgo de desastres y avances en el cumplimiento …

UNISDR · 14 December 2021 English

The Epilogue of the report reflects on the current state of disaster risk management and the changes that are needed in light of the causes and results of the COVID-19 …

UNISDR · 13 December 2021 English

No single Mizutori, sets out how for a informed by climate projections, country can achieve gains at growing number of populations and national adaptation plans scale, and it is in …

UNISDR · 9 December 2021 English

roll-out of NBS § Training and capacity SME Finance Awareness Bargaining power building to improve issues Lack of access Awareness of DRR Access to markets uptake of DRR practices SMEs …

UNISDR · 7 December 2021 English

The UNDRR’s guidelines for reducing risk, Understanding how communities and households may addressing impacts and strengthening resilience be vulnerable to and from disaster displacement is (UNDRR, 2019) emphasise that data …

UNISDR · 7 December 2021 English

Enhance the collaboration between regional and national scientific institutions and platforms to strengthen the understanding of short and long-term climate projections and their implications on climate and disaster risks. [...] …

UNISDR · 2 December 2021 English

Application of disaster loss data in support of early warning and early action in African countries (Implementation period of the current activities: December 2021 – March 2022) Background UNDRR supports …

UNISDR · 30 November 2021 Spanish

PAÑA E DE LAS SIE T 2021 DÍA INTERNACIONAL PARA LA REDUCCIÓN DEL RIESGO DE DESASTRES #SiempreJuntos #DIRRD Reporte UNDRR - Oficina regional para las Américas y el Caribe METAS …

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