United Service Institution of India


United Service Institution of India

Type Research Center
Website usiofindia.org
Year founded 1870
Location New Delhi India India
Functions Advocacy
Funding sources Member funded
Tags social policy defense and security
Summary United Service Institution of India (USI) is a national security and defence services think tank based in New Delhi, India. It describes its aim as the "furtherance of interest and knowledge in the art, science and literature of the defence services". USI operates centres for research in various areas of national security.

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USI · 15 November 2021 English

The NUG has gone ahead to create the PDF which The only groups to get involved in operations against it plans to convert into a federal army incorporating the Tatmadaw …

USI · 15 November 2021 English

This marked the battle is historically The foreign invasion also helped the end of Lodi Dynasty significant because in political unification of the or the Delhi Sultanate and it was …

USI · 20 October 2021 English

The LEO’s lower altitude in the same ‘fixed’ position relative to the Sun, i.e., the makes it useful for satellites to achieve a higher image satellite always visits the same …

USI · 8 June 2021 English

The same will be corrected and sent back to the offrs at the earliest. [...] In case the situation doesn’t improve the model for CP1 will be replicated for CP3 …

USI · 12 April 2021 English

Increased Historical Perspective friction under the Trump administration as a The first contact between the Tsars of Muscovy consequence of the US designating Russia & and the ruling Manchu’s of …

USI · 3 February 2021 English

As the postal services have resumed in most part of the country, the study mtrl for Corres Courses will be despatched by post. [...] It may be noted that due …

USI · 14 December 2020 English

The border towns and provincial capitals There are some similarities with the conflict fought of Lao Cai on the Red River in the west and Cao 31 years back and …

USI · 14 December 2020 English

According to that India is the largest and the most populous the United Nations population estimates (2014), country in the region, besides being the largest the region accounts for 8.62 …

USI · 30 December 2019 English

We see that today, for example, in a better appreciation of our maritime geography and the SAGAR doctrine.” - Speech by External Affairs Minister, 14 Nov 20191 Introduction The Vision …

USI · 1 June 2018 English

I undertake to abide by the Rules and Bye Laws of the Institution; and decisions of USI Council. [...] Membership is given only to eligible individuals, and does not extend …

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