Water Resources Research Center


Water Resources Research Center

Type Research Center
Website wrrc.arizona.edu
Location Tucson, Arizona United States of America United States of America
Budget USD 1-4.9M
Functions Education and training, Research
Funding sources Corporations, Endowments, Foundations or grants, Governments or multi-govt organizations, Individual citizens
Tags water
Summary Water issues affect the United States in important ways. The National Institutes for Water Resources (NIWR) plays a major role in addressing the unique water-related concerns of the individual states and the nation as a whole by providing a national platform for collaboration. A Water Resources Research Institute is located in each State, the District of Colombia, and the U.S. Territories of the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Guam, for a total of 54 institutes. The NIWR network represents the only authorized federal-state program focused on applied water resources research, education, training, and outreach. The WRRC is Arizona's water institute.

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NIWR · 29 April 2021 English

Choosing Large-scale Rain Harvesting for Potable Supply

NIWR · 28 April 2021 English

Preparing Rainwater for Potable Use

NIWR · 5 March 2021 English

In addition, water deliveries framework in the United States.” The act demonstrated via CAP would address Arizona’s concerns about the Arizona’s ability to manage its water resources and possibility of …

NIWR · 18 February 2021 English

The many goals of the agreement include (1) the development of a hydrogeologic database and groundwater flow model; (2) the setup of an observation net- work to process, analyze, and …

NIWR · 21 July 2020 English

However, current gaps in knowledge the world; determine the usefulness of this informa- exist related to the joint analysis of the long-term tion for the formulation of updated regulations for …

NIWR · 9 July 2020 English

The statements and opinions expressed herein are those of the individual authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the Arizona Nursery Association or its members. [...] The City …

NIWR · 9 June 2020 English

Since the passage of the CWA in 1972, defining the scope of federal jurisdiction to regulate waters within the borders of the United States has been the subject of constant …

NIWR · 24 June 2019 English

Partnerships among of of Diamonds Water business, government, and civil society The price of water is much lower than the price of diamonds because the supply of are initiating programs …

NIWR · 28 January 2019 English

This Article explains the study results related to the interconnectivities of ground- water to food, energy, and the climate, along with the strengths and shortcomings of state-level groundwater governance in …

NIWR · 3 July 2018 English

Following the demise of the Hohokam culture, The Reclamation Act of 1902 permitted the federal the Akimel O’odham (Pima), as likely descendants of government to fund the construction of dams …

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