Abortion is the ending of a pregnancy by removal or expulsion of an embryo or fetus. An abortion that occurs without intervention is known as a miscarriage or "spontaneous abortion" and occurs in approximately 30% to 40% of pregnancies. When deliberate steps are taken to end a pregnancy, it is called an induced abortion, or less frequently "induced miscarriage". The unmodified word abortion generally refers to an induced abortion.When properly done, abortion is one of the safest procedures in medicine,:1 :1 but unsafe abortion is a major cause of maternal death, especially in the developing world. Making safe abortion legal …

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GAATW · 27 March 2557 English

The purpose of the hearings was to provide inputs for the HLD, and the report of the hearings was one of the background papers to the HLD. [...] GAATW-IS had …

recruitment, prevalence of Office, IOM, pregnancy and abortion and the absence of IDEALS and comprehensive return

Reproductive rights - Access to abortion

European Court of Human Rights · 21 July 2021 English


Access to abortion Tysiąc v. Poland 20 March 2007 The applicant was refused a therapeutic abortion, after determining whether the conditions for obtaining a legal abortion had been met, in violation of Article 8 (right obtaining a legal abortion in Ireland1, they had to go to the United Kingdom for an abortion and that the implement the constitutional right to a legal abortion. There had therefore been a violation of Article she was unable to establish her right to a legal abortion either through the courts or the medical services


Parliament of Australia · 16 July 2021 English

Tabled Response 2048 22/03/2004 Provisions of the Military Rehabilitation and Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade, Legislation 22/03/2004 69/04 Compensation Bill 2003 and the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation (Consequential and Transitional …

Administration, Legislation 27/06/2013 Certain Types of Abortion) Bill 2013 3858 27/06/2013 Criminal Code Amendment

Guide on Article 9 - Freedom of thought, conscience and religion

European Court of Human Rights · 15 July 2021 English

Guide on Article 9 - Freedom of thought, conscience and religion

Kingdom, Commission decision) ▪ opposition to abortion (Knudsen v. Norway, Commission decision; Van Schijndel Church in protest at a law relaxing the rules on abortion (Knudsen v. Norway, Commission decision); ▪ a Christian faith, to hand out tracts against abortion nearby an abortion clinic (Van den Dungen v. the Netherlands refusal of a French taxpayer who was opposed to abortion to pay a percentage of the tax used for funding several persons opposing abortion who had entered the premises of an abortion clinic and prayed on their

ISSUE: 2021 No. 94 - Singapore | 16 July 2021

ISEAS · 15 July 2021 English

94 ISSN 2335-6677 INTRODUCTION Since early 2020, Thailand has witnessed a remarkable wave of political protests, initially triggered by the dissolution of the progressive Future Forward Party1 and the kidnapping …

They have called for an amendment to the new abortion law,9 increased accessibility to women’s sanitary goals such as legalising prostitution,22 amending abortion laws, proposing the Clean Air Act,23 and even progressive agenda, which included legalising abortion and same-sex marriage, attracted many younger loosen restrictions on abortion. The amended law allows women to have an abortion during the first 12 weeks extension of the right to abortion beyond 12 weeks. See “Thailand: Abortion in First Trimester Legalized”

Social, behavioural and community engagement interventions for reproductive, maternal, newborn and child …

3IE · 9 July 2021 English

3ie Evidence gap map report 11, 2017

least 24 months After a miscarriage or induced abortion, women or their partners use a modern contraceptive

General business lists - Notices of motion - Senator Hanson-Young: Senator Faruqi:

Parliament of Australia · 6 July 2021 English

(2) In the event the Minister fails to table all the documents requested in paragraph (1), the Senate requires the Minister for Youth and Sport to attend the Senate by …

decriminalisation of abortion in Queensland and New South Wales, safe abortion care services remain inaccessible (iii) Marie Stopes Australia has announced that abortion clinics in Southport, Townsville, Rockhampton to: (i) ensure reliable and affordable access to abortion care, permanent and long-acting contraception decriminalisation of abortion in Queensland and New South Wales, safe abortion care services remain inaccessible healthcare, (iii) Marie Stopes has announced that abortion clinics in Southport, Townsville, Rockhampton

France - France and ...

European Court of Human Rights · 2 July 2021 English


of Article 10 pierced, entailing a therapeutic abortion. The authorities refused to classify the killing

Poland - Poland and ...

European Court of Human Rights · 1 July 2021 English


during the communist period. obtaining access to an abortion, in Violation of Article 6 particular due to the

Protection of minors - Corporal punishment

European Court of Human Rights · 28 June 2021 English


first applicant’s timely and unhindered access to abortion under the conditions set out by the applicable regards the determination of access to lawful abortion, in respect of both applicants, and as regards separate her from her parents and to prevent the abortion. Lastly, the first applicant had been treated

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