Abuse of Administrative Power



Realising regional potentials through better market integration in China

OECD · 1 July 2019 French

China’s regions have been experiencing impressive growth over the past decades, but their potentials could be better exploited by creating a single product and labour market. Local protectionism increases transaction …

Reform and Resistance: Ukraine’s Selective State

CEIP · 20 January 2016 English

The halting pace of reform in Ukraine is trying the patience of even those optimistic about the future of the country in the years since Maidan.

Raising Awareness of Anticompetitive Behavior in the Financial Sector of the People's …

ADB · 30 April 2013 English

Examines the provisions and the legislation process of the People’s Republic of China Anti-Monopoly Law, and the role of the anti-monopoly authorities in enforcing the law in the banking, insurance, …

Sharing Knowledge on Community-Driven Development in Asia and the Pacific

ADB · 22 April 2013 English

Consultant’s reports describe activities by a consultant or group of consultants related to preparing a technical assistance project. This document dated April 2013 is provided for the ADB regional project …

The Saemaul Undong Movement in the Republic of Korea

ADB · 31 May 2012 English

This report, entitled The Saemaul Undong Movement in the Republic of Korea: Sharing Knowledge on Community-Driven Development, has been prepared by Djun Kil Kim, Professorial and Research Chair of the …

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