Academic Freedom

Academic freedom is a moral and legal concept expressing the conviction that the freedom of inquiry by faculty members is essential to the mission of the academy as well as the principles of academia, and that scholars should have freedom to teach or communicate ideas or facts (including those that are inconvenient to external political groups or to authorities) without being targeted for repression, job loss, or imprisonment. While the core of academic freedom covers scholars acting in an academic capacity - as teachers or researchers expressing strictly scholarly viewpoints -, an expansive interpretation extends these occupational safeguards to scholars' …

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HEPI · 22 June 2022 English

In other words, from this survey alone it is not clear whether the strong push by the Westminster Government and the English regulator, the Office for Students, in favour of …

often stark. Given the long traditions of academic freedom, university autonomy and lively student debate potentially enriching conversations as well as academic freedom, it could also cause the very sort of tension seeking to strengthen the legal underpinning of academic freedom and free speech in higher education in England introduce a new Director for Freedom of Speech and Academic Freedom, colloquially known as the ‘free speech champion’ range of issues to do with free speech and academic freedom on campus for the COVID generation of undergraduate

CHA · 15 June 2022 English

The severity of the crisis facing contract academic workers, the centrality of their work to the modern university project in Canada, and the extent to which relying on contract labour …

same rights as permanent faculty. Fairness, academic freedom, intellectual property, labor standards, support

OER Africa · 30 May 2022 English

OER Degrees Network of Open Orgs’ Collaborative Project: Case studies that demonstrate the success of Open Educational Resources Author: TJ Bliss Idaho State Board of Education Name of the initiative …

pdf/07478d85-89c2-3742-209a-9cc5df8cd7ea ● Enhance academic freedom: The open licences on OER allow academics

OCUFA · 29 May 2022 English

OPC: Voted in favour [part of the budget bill] ONDP: Voted against the budget bill and released a statement on PBF: news/ford-tying-post-secondary-funding-political-directives-wrong-ndp OLP: Voted against the budget bill; however, the …

speech and Did not speak Bill 168 and Order-In- academic freedom in House or No position on Council (OIC) concerns examples restrict free speech and threaten academic freedom by limiting the ability of scholars to engage Raised concerns regarding free speech and academic freedom in the House but did not oppose the bill.

GLOBSEC · 28 May 2022 English

While the EU began to Ukraine to procure military equipment and weapons.5gradually act in a more united manner a few years following the euro financial crisis and soon after While …

nothing short of remarkable. pluralism and academic freedom curtailed, civil society oppressed and corruption

JCCF · 24 May 2022 English

of Justice Paperny of the Court of Appeal of Alberta: “ Academic freedom and freedom of expression are inextricably linked. [...] Academic freedom and the guarantee of freedom of expression contained in

PROTECTING ACADEMIC FREEDOM AND FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION ON CAMPUS : A SUBMISSION TO THE QUEBEC GOVERNMENT GOVERNMENT ON BILL 32, AN ACT RESPECTING ACADEMIC FREEDOM IN THE UNIVERSITY SECTOR May 23, 2022 Brief of the Act respecting academic freedom in the university sector, i.e. that “[…] academic freedom is the right today’s faculty, staff, and students. A bill on academic freedom will reiterate that universities exist to rights and values in Québec universities, with academic freedom and free speech at the very top, far above

CDPDJ · 24 May 2022 French

S'adressant à l'Assemblée nationale, la Commission expose cinq préoccupations principales pour protéger la liberté académique de l’ensemble des membres de la communauté universitaire et propose des ajustements importants pour s’assurer …

org/OvercomingInequalities-Godrie ; Paul AXELROD, « Academic freedom: can history be our guide? », Affaires universitaires guide/ https://montreal.citynews

Amnesty International · 12 May 2022

The Russian authorities must immediately end their assault on academic freedom and the right to freedom of expression, Amnesty International said today as a campaign to purge schools and universities of

GLOBSEC · 9 May 2022 English

The 2021 edition of The Tatra Summit Insight Report The index value 63.9 is interpreted as being almost at a continues to cater to the quest for a bold, strategic …

and act as a pillar for the advancement of academic freedom.

OCUFA · 6 May 2022 English

Another possible entry into the work is to begin by taking account of the local equity landscape of your association and the institution, because the equity work you do should …

demands on members from equity-seeking groups Academic freedom provisions Collegial governance provisions created by the parties Harassment and bullying Academic freedom and collegial governance provisions Requirement

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