Academic Freedom

Academic freedom is a moral and legal concept expressing the conviction that the freedom of inquiry by faculty members is essential to the mission of the academy as well as the principles of academia, and that scholars should have freedom to teach or communicate ideas or facts (including those that are inconvenient to external political groups or to authorities) without being targeted for repression, job loss, or imprisonment. While the core of academic freedom covers scholars acting in an academic capacity - as teachers or researchers expressing strictly scholarly viewpoints -, an expansive interpretation extends these occupational safeguards to scholars' …

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BC Council on Admissions and Transfer · 12 January 2022 English

-History of the Canadian Environment moves to Fall to accommodate course load in the Environmental Science certificate—hope is to bring in science students to the history course. [...] -Lots of …

-Choice of delivery mode could be a question of academic freedom. -UFV: administration favored asynchronous

UNDP · 22 December 2021 English

The Global Knowledge Index (GKI) represents an important addition to the global repository of knowledge on development, providing diverse and reliable data that can help countries and decision makers to …

assess the learning environment (diversity and academic freedom, and equity and inclusiveness); and three and is open and transparent, and maintains academic freedom. These three main features made up the sub-pillars inclusiveness, di- versity and academic freedom—with diversity and academic freedom grouped in one sub-pillar education, gender parity. The second theme on academic freedom reflects is- sues of freedom and openness openness and is measured through the Academic Freedom Index. A higher education sec- tor is responsive to issues

Parti marxiste-léniniste du Québec · 17 December 2021 English

“opposes” the adoption of the IHRA definition by Canadian academic institutions, “supports the academic freedom of its members and recognizes the need to safeguard the rights of scholars to critique all states

Continues Standing Up for Freedom of Speech and Academic Freedom • Canadian Association of University Teachers deal. Standing Up for Freedom of Speech and Academic Freedom At its 91st Council meeting held November stand in defence of freedom of speech and academic freedom by rejecting demands it submit to the controversial anti-Semitism and is widely understood as a threat to academic freedom. The resolution was moved by the Association Canadian academic institutions, “supports the academic freedom of its members and recognizes the need to

Association of Universities and Colleges in Canada · 14 December 2021 English

Collaborating to support safe, secure, and sustainable internationalisation Statement of intent As the major, convening higher education associations in our respective countries, we share a belief in the positive value …

our commitment to shared values, including academic freedom, freedom of expression and the autonomy of

HBS · 14 December 2021 English

The Committee Represen- ting Pyidaungsu Hluttaw (CRPH), formed by politicians purporting to represent the elected members of the government prevented from forming on 1 February by the coup, and the …

[14] Student activists’ demands, focusing on academic freedom, education reform and the autonomy of universities

CBSS · 14 December 2021 English

KEY OBSERVATIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS Higher Education Study Programmes in the Field of Societal Security in the Baltic Sea Region Christer Pursiainen, Guna Bazone, Stephanie Young, Olga Zuin KEY OBSERVATIONS AND …

students and provides them with some individual academic freedom and individualised study paths that reflect

ISC · 9 December 2021 English

1 International Science Council A contemporary perspective on the free and responsible practice of science in the 21st century A CONTEMPORARY PERSPECTIVE ON THE FREE AND RESPONSIBLE PRACTICE OF SCIENCE …

for universities, containing principles of academic freedom and institutional autonomy as a guideline

ISC · 9 December 2021 English

INTRODUCTION 1.1 FREEDOM AND RESPONSIBILITY IN SCIENCE The International Science Council (ISC) works for the global scientific community to advance science, to catalyse and share scientific expertise, to provide advice …

teaching with research and institutionalized ‘academic freedom’, ensuring permission to think, criticize faculty was seen as an important guarantee of academic freedom. While tenure was stressed in the context Humboldtian ideal continues to shape debates on academic freedom, the university itself has changed radically institutional protection poses a serious threat to academic freedom in the 21st century. 2.2 FREEDOM OF THOUGHT scientific community, divergent understandings of academic freedom itself have sparked complex debates over the

RIS · 3 December 2021 English

The ‘solar This paper takes a closer look at the rich’ or prospective ISA member countries creation of the ISA within the broader were identified as those located between context …

approaches to social justice, and the practices Academic Freedom and National Security. of global governance

SNV · 30 November 2021 German

Auch im Rahmen der Operation Cloudhopper, die auf die Lieferkette abzielte27, waren vermutlich deutsche Unter- nehmen das Ziel der Gruppe APT 10, die der Volksrepublik China zugerechnet wird.28 Auch deutsche …

China’s Long Reach of Repression Undermines Academic Freedom at Australia’s Universities, Human Rights

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