Academic Freedom

Academic freedom is a moral and legal concept expressing the conviction that the freedom of inquiry by faculty members is essential to the mission of the academy as well as the principles of academia, and that scholars should have freedom to teach or communicate ideas or facts (including those that are inconvenient to external political groups or to authorities) without being targeted for repression, job loss, or imprisonment. While the core of academic freedom covers scholars acting in an academic capacity - as teachers or researchers expressing strictly scholarly viewpoints -, an expansive interpretation extends these occupational safeguards to scholars' …

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Xi’s China, China’s Xi: Current Political and Social Challenges

ORF · 11 December 2020 English

President Xi Jinping’s ascent to the post of general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in 2012 ushered in hopes of political reform. After all, Xi himself had experienced …

Tibet and Xinjiang and excessive curbs on academic freedom can pose potential political threats. At its agenda. Decreasing academic freedom, coupled with the crackdown following the 57 in the country’s campuses and curtail academic freedom at varsities. In the US, a Chinese student CHALLENGES Xi has truncated the scope for academic freedom in hopes that the young Chinese do not threaten Economics. 53 Academic Freedom in Hong Kong since 2015: Between two

Sense and Sensitivity: Restoring free speech in the United Kingdom

ASI · 23 November 2020 English

This includes the freedom to express ideas that others find loathsome and hateful. There should be no right to not be offended, no right to prevent others from expressing ideas that one finds uncomfortable or dislikes, in positive law.The UK’s protection of freedom of expression, revolving Existing laws, as applied, have created categories of “speech crimes” for offensive but otherwise benign political speech.Britain already has numerous laws that infringe on freedom of expression, including

student unions, is an essential prerequisite to academic freedom. Does everyone have equal protection of their

Sudan - Basic Education Support Project : Environmental Assessment : Environmental and …

World Bank Group · 13 October 2020 English

The development objective of the Basic Education Support Project for Sudan is to increase enrollment and retention and improve reading proficiency of boys and girls in early grades of primary …

export. 13 (6): The State shall guarantee academic freedom in institutions of higher education and shall

Medical Research and Health Care Finance: Evidence from Academic Medical Centers

NBER · 8 October 2020 English

Academic Medical Centers (AMCs)—comprising medical schools, teaching hospitals, and research laboratories)—play an important role in US biomedical innovation. The Balanced Budget Act of 1997 (BBA) changed the formula used to …

David G. and David J. Weatherall. 2002. “Academic Freedom in Clinical Research.” New England Journal

State of the Unions: How to restore free association and expression, combat …

ASI · 20 September 2020 English

The Adam Smith Institute’s latest paper, by students Maximilian Young and Lucky Dube, explain how student unions cost taxpayers and students, lack democratic legitimacy, and undermine freedom of association Nevertheless, students are forced to be members of student unions, undermining freedom of association. of expression; andstrengthening provisions in law to prevent universities from limiting freedom of expression, including by using procedural mechanisms to frustrate freedom of expression or passing along

demands raise serious questions about the academic freedom of professors to decide what content they unions consistently cause obstructions to academic freedom and student choice. The Oxford University

Bangladesh: Professor sacked, threatened: Professor Md. Morshed Hasan Khan

Amnesty International · 16 September 2020 English

Professor Md. Morshed Hasan Khan faces trumped-up sedition charges and has had his professorial position at Dhaka University terminated for publishing an opinion editorial in a national newspaper. Professor Morshed …

fulfil the right to freedom of expression and academic freedom; Yours sincerely, mailto:secretary@bangabhaban

Academic freedom, institutional autonomy and the future of democracy (Council of Europe …

Council of Europe · 15 September 2020 English

Academic freedom and institutional autonomy are essential for universities to produce the research and teaching necessary to improve society and the human condition.Academic freedom and institutional autonomy fundamental democratic values are subject to pressure in many countries. The relationship between academic freedom, institutional autonomy and democracy is fundamental: it is barely conceivable that they could

Europe Higher Education Series No. 24 Academic freedom and institutional autonomy are increasingly many countries. This book demonstrates why academic freedom and institutional autonomy are essential for human condition. The relationship between academic freedom, institutional autonomy and democracy is Australia and the Mediterranean region. ACADEMIC FREEDOM, INSTITUTIONAL AUTONOMY AND THE FUTURE Europe Higher Education Series No. 24 ACADEMIC FREEDOM, INSTITUTIONAL AUTONOMY AND THE FUTURE

Is Free Speech Still Alive on the American College Campus?

Cato Institute · 14 September 2020

The status of free speech and academic freedom at U.S. colleges and universities has become an explosive issue. Reports of disruptions, disinvitations of speakers, and a host of bureaucratic new speech‐​inhibiting Drawing on his extensive research, teaching, and practical experience as a free speech and academic freedom leader at the University of Wisconsin–Madison and nationwide, Donald A. Downs portrays the university emphasizing the need for intellectual diversity and the importance of robust free speech and academic freedom. On Thursday, September 10, Downs will be joined by his former student Katie Harbath, now at

Global call for international human rights monitoring mechanisms on China

Amnesty International · 9 September 2020 English

Amnesty International joins over 300 civil society groups in a joint letter to the UN Secretary General, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and UN member states to call for …

human rights defenders abroad, suppressed academic freedom in countries around the world, and engaged

The COVID-19 Crisis Response : Supporting Tertiary Education for Continuity, Adaptation, and …

World Bank Group · 1 September 2020 English

Tertiary education is vital for producing the caliber and diversity of graduates needed both for the economy that exists today and for economy to which a nation aspires. It fuels …

core values—equitable access, accountability, academic freedom, institutional autonomy, and social responsibility

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