Act of State

The act-of-state doctrine or foreign act of state doctrine is a principle in English and United States law which states that every sovereign state is bound to respect the independence of every other sovereign state, and the courts will not sit in judgment of another government's acts or act of any sovereign national done within its own territory.The doctrine is not required by international law (neither customary international law nor treaty law), but it is a principle recognized and adhered to by United States federal and state courts. In the United States, the rationales for the doctrine include respect for …

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OSCE · 20 May 2021 English

The signatories to the Protocol are the Ministry of Justice, the Supreme Court of Montenegro, the Supreme State Pros- ecutor’s Office, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of

are violated by an act, action, or failure to act of state bodies, state administration bodies, bodies

Dedicating a National Memorial to World War I

Cato Institute · 27 April 2021 English

Woodrow Wilson usually ranks high in the pantheon of American presidents. Yet he was a virulent racist and sharply attacked civil liberties, jailing famed socialist leader Eugene Debs for opposing …

Dragutin Dimitrijević, making the crime an act of state terrorism. Serbian politics was violent, even


CSD · 14 February 2021 English

It limits the time for decision making and the opportunity for critical assessment of the investment from the competent bodies, the Regional Development Agency of Serbia (RAS) and the State Council for

state aid is aid granted on the basis of an act of state aid provider to a predetermined beneficiary

Investment Treaty News (ITN), Volume 11, Issue 4, December 2020

IISD · 21 December 2020 English

jurisdictional objections include the doctrines of act of state and non-interference in the domestic affairs

From Our Special Correspondent: Alfred Deakin’s letters to the London Morning Post

Parliamentary Library of Australia · 14 August 2020 English

out of the home market, the freights they pay to the seaboard or interior, and what comparison they bear in all these particulars to the conditions of the same industries in Great Britain, the United States

since our Federation began a most important act of State has been undertaken in a perfectly patriotic

New Acquisitions Bulletin of the Court Library

European Court of Human Rights · 11 June 2020

New Acquisitions Bulletin of the Court Library

Tom 105-122 The role of State immunity and act of State PERIODIQUE in the NM Cherry Blossom case and

Jarosław Szczepański, Ph.D. Constitutional Regulations Concerning Elections and States of Exception

INOP · 26 May 2020 English

The Institute of Political Science Foundation Faculty of Political Science and International Studies, University of Warsaw Constitutional Regulations Concerning Elections and States of Exception The Polish During a state of exception it is impossible to change: the Constitution, the rules of election to the Sejm, the Senate and local government bodies, the Act on the election of the President of the Republic of Poland, and the Act on states of exception. [...]

proportionality the government should employ the Act of state of epidemic. It best reflected the situation

Disclosable Version of the ISR - Assam Inland Water Transport Project - …

World Bank Group · 16 April 2020 English

End Target Value RA Established under new Act of State Legislative Assembly -- Assam’s state government (Current) Target 4 Value RA Established under new Act of State Legislative Assembly -- Assam’s state government

Country report, gender equality : how are EU rules transposed into national …

EU · 5 March 2020 English

are violated by an act, action or failure to act of state bodies, state administration bodies, bodies

Madhya Pradesh Irrigation Efficiency Improvement Project: Pipeline Distribution System of Zone 6 …

ADB · 19 December 2019 English

Resettlement plans provide an assessment and measures, as well as time-bound actions and budgets, for projects with involuntary resettlement. This document dated December 2019 is provided for the ADB project …

compensated as per the special provisions of Pipeline Act of State. 99. The permanently 5 AHs will be extended

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