Adoption is a process whereby a person assumes the parenting of another, usually a child, from that person's biological or legal parent or parents. Legal adoptions permanently transfer all rights and responsibilities, along with filiation, from the biological parent or parents. Unlike guardianship or other systems designed for the care of the young, adoption is intended to effect a permanent change in status and as such requires societal recognition, either through legal or religious sanction. Historically, some societies have enacted specific laws governing adoption, while others used less formal means (notably contracts that specified inheritance rights and parental responsibilities without …

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WRI · 1 November 2022 English

In response to growing threats to clean water supplies due to climate change, growing populations and demand, and weak governance, many companies are assessing water risks to their operations. Increasingly, …

positively impacting the environment through the adoption of soil health best practices that capture carbon

WRI · 3 October 2022 English

This paper discusses a roadmap for growing more trees outside forests across India. It analyzes the main public policies that incentivize landholders to embrace agroforestry and other approaches to growing …

effective translation of research into wider adoption on the ground: ▪ Experts from research institutions initial economic and technical obstacles that made adoption of agroforestry unattractive for smallholders efficiency to reduce wastage of water, enhance the adoption

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interconnection. Philippines Jan 1983 4th AEMMEC Singapore Adoption of the recommendation made by HAPUA on cooperation of the APG Special Task Force (APG STF) and the adoption of its City, The Terms of Reference to assist

21 September 2022 English

Global peaks and falls have been replicated in the FDI received by countries in the Asian and Pacific region, while the share of global inward FDI in the health sector …

in Asia and the Pacific are forerunners in the adoption trends of digital health technology. For example countries have the potential to leapfrog their adoption of digital health technology and make it a part Lao PDR, and more recently in Myanmar since the adoption of the Myanmar Investment Law of 2016. The Russian

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The failure of the United Nations emanates from the lack of collective coercive mechanisms and from the unilateral use of force, and the NAM advocates the former and opposes the …

Group, led by France, unleashed a motion for the adoption of a presidential statement by the UN Secu- rity Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity that prevented the adoption of such a biased document. President Ilham Aliyev Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity that prevented the adoption of a biased document.51 1. Russia and the West’s

PPI · 21 September 2022 English

The Biden Administration and the Democratic-controlled Congress have earned plaudits for enacting unprecedented funding for clean energy incentives and climate protection. These include provisions in the bipartisan infrastructure law (IIJA), …

including the Federal Communications Commission’s adoption of time limiting “shot clocks” for the siting including the Federal Communications Commission’s adoption of time limiting “shot clocks” for the siting basic research to commercialization and mass adoption across a wide cross-section of the U.S. economy batteries, producing the vehicles, and providing adoption incentives for consumers. All told, JCT estimates cooperatives and $2 billion for clean energy adoption through the Rural Energy for America Program

WBCSD · 20 September 2022 English

In June 2022, Stockholm+50 brought together public and private players to promote new thinking and innovation that links climate, nature and equity. It represented an opportunity to connect climate action …

across the value chain towards the large- scale adoption of zero-emission vehicles include electrification

20 September 2022 English

Pathways to Adaptation and Resilience in South-East Asia Pathways to Adaptation and Resilience in South‑East Asia Asia‑Pacific Disaster Report 2022 for ESCAP Subregions The shaded areas of the map indicate …

77 Ibid. 78 mClinica pharmacy solutions, “AI Adoption in Southeast Asia’s Healthcare Systems: Innovative 2020. Available at 79 Ibid asia-pacific-2020 https://www January. mClinica pharmacy solutions (2020). AI Adoption in Southeast Asia’s Available at https://gca. October. Available at ai-adoption-in-southeast-asias-healthcare-systems/ Government

SWP · 20 September 2022

GCC-Chinese Ministerial Meeting Held in New York GKR, 20.09.2022 2.aspx >>> Seite 1. [...] adoption of decisions granting the Kingdom of Bahrain, the Maldives, the State of Kuwait, the United Arab

on 16 September 2022 in Samarkand. ..." - "... adoption of decisions granting the Kingdom of Bahrain,

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TAKES NOTE of the recurrent nature of the findings of the non-recovery of salary and travel advance payments to staff as well as imprest and loans, and the questionable nature …

Assembly the following proposed structures for adoption: a) Office of the Special Envoy on Women, Peace Council in February 2023 for consideration and adoption; 130. ALSO REQUESTS the Commission and the Sub-Committee Council in February 2023 for consideration and adoption. 41st Ordinary Session of the Executive Council operationalization process of the Special Fund for adoption by the Policy Organs via the PRC and its relevant the same to the Assembly for consideration and adoption; 56. APPROVES the Draft Rules of Procedure of

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