Afghan Refugees

Afghan diaspora refers to Afghan people who live outside of Afghanistan. These include citizens who have immigrated to other countries, or people of Afghan origin who are born outside Afghanistan. This does not include historical immigration to the Indian subcontinent (see Pashtun diaspora). The vast majority of the diaspora has been formed by Afghan refugees of war since the start of the Soviet-Afghan War in 1979; the largest numbers reside in Iran and Pakistan, together hosting over 2 million Afghans of which most have been resident ever since the Soviet-Afghan War. Apart from these, the largest communities exist in the …

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ACAPS · 9 September 2022 English

The abolition of the Ministry of Women’s Affairs and recreation of the Ministry for government officials, and human rights activists and journalists. [...] in the prices of food and other …

becomes politicised (scenario 2). Displacement • Afghan refugees from other countries are forcefully repatriated takeover, taking the total number of registered Afghan refugees in Pakistan to Most of the Afghan population them later (Reuters 03/09/2021; Registered Afghan refugees are able to update their registration data member states agreed to resettle only 40,000 Afghan refugees (Al Jazeera of Ukraine and the Taliban has com/news/2022/6/12/what-does-the-future-hold-for-afghan-refugees-in-iran

CAPS · 8 September 2022 English

situation by fuelling the conflict through the supply of arms and money. [...] In the case of Afghan refugees in Iran, factors such as the acculturation of the refugees to an Iranian lifestyle, with many UNHCR and other state bodies has been creating issues for the legality of the rights of the Afghan refugees and their existence in the host country, mainly due to the differences in approach. [...] In

Post the 2001 US’ war on terrorism, these Afghan refugees have been assisted through various programmes customary law, continue to host a large number of Afghan refugees norms and legal in their territories. instruments have been fought on their soil. For years, Afghan refugees have been displaced due to fear of persecution FOR PAKISTAN AND IRAN Fig 1: Percentage of Afghan Refugees in Host Countries4 The first phase of Afghan assistance in Pakistan and Iran. While many Afghan refugees were encouraged to return, others preferred

CAPS · 8 September 2022 English

The Pakistan Army, with the consent of the political leadership, invoked the tribesmen and the retired and serving army officers in the name of jihad, to raid and seize Kashmir. …

Jamiat-e-Ulema-e-Islam, recruited millions of Afghan refugees in Pakistan and students from the madrassas

RCOA · 19 August 2022 English

SHP applications are prioritised in the following order, which is based on the visa the proposer holds, whether the proposer is an Australian citizen, and the closeness of the relationship …

needs.html has assessed more than 250,000 Afghan refugees in Pakistan (150,268) and Iran (105,400) as and needing resettlement in 2023, as well as Afghan refugees in Turkey (12,800), Indonesia (1,800), India intake of 16,500 places over four years for Afghan refugees announced in March 2022. Retaining these existing Budget for 16,500 extra refugee places for Afghan refugees. These places were costed at $665.9 million Department should also consider applications from Afghan refugees in other countries, especially where they have

The Migration Observatory · 19 August 2022 English

People who originally came to the UK to seek asylum made up an estimated 5% of the UK’s foreign-born population in 2019, and 0.6% of the UK’s total resident population …

on the Syrian model (for more detail see, Afghan refugees in the UK). The scheme aims to resettle 20 https://migrationobservatory.ox

FORUM-Asia · 15 August 2022 English

The dissolution of the AIHRC emphasizes the disregard of human rights principles by the Taliban, which has further narrowed the access for Afghan citizens and human rights defenders to an …

displaced within Afghanistan, with 2.6 million Afghan refugees living in other countries.1 These numbers have

RCOA · 11 August 2022 English

The Representatives of the Refugee Advisory Group have participated voluntarily in weekly meetings with the Co-Chairs and directly contributed to decisions related to the planning of the WGR and ATCR …

protection. UNHCR has assessed more than 250,000 Afghan refugees in Pakistan (150,268) and Iran (105,400) as and needing resettlement in 2023, as well Afghan refugees in Turkey (12,800), Indonesia (1,800), India

NRC · 10 August 2022 English

Many are also on the move inside the country in search of jobs and livelihood opportunities as families must deal with the consequences of the shrinking economy. [...] The people …

see 25 https://www.nrc

EFSAS · 9 August 2022 English

The image of Afghans as somehow not quite as deserving of the preservation of human dignity conveniently stuck with subsequent invaders: From the Soviet to the American occupations that followed …

Its founding basis did consist mostly of Afghan refugees that had fled the civil war, many of whom,

NRC · 2 August 2022 English

Our efforts have been focused on providing water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) interventions which Despite the Covid-19 outbreak, and the challenges include the provision of hygiene kits to households, and …

categories. ners to assist the influx of new Afghan refugees who Despite the inclusive policies and support

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