Afrikaners (Afrikaans: [afriˈkɑːnərs]) are an ethnic group in Southern Africa descended from predominantly Dutch settlers first arriving at the Cape of Good Hope in the 17th and 18th centuries. They traditionally dominated South Africa's politics and commercial agricultural sector prior to 1994.Afrikaans, South Africa's third most widely spoken home language, evolved as the mother tongue of Afrikaners and most Cape Coloureds. It originated from the Dutch vernacular of South Holland, incorporating words brought from the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia) and Madagascar by slaves. Afrikaners make up approximately 5.2% of the total South African population based on the number of …



SAIIA: South African Institute of International Affairs · 10 May 2024

The process involved the undermining of oversight mechanisms, and the manipulation of the public narrative in favour of those who sought to capture the state. [...] Having worked in the …

implemented a similar system in favour of white Afrikaners after the Great Depression of the 1930s.286 However

3 May 2024 English

The shining light of the liberation movement and its leader Nelson Mandela is no longer enough to keep the ANC in power Among all the liberation organizations that proliferated in …

Minister of KwaZulu, accused of solidarity with Afrikaners. The Zulus feared domination by the majority

PCNS: Policy Center for the New South · 26 April 2024 French

Force est de constater cependant qu’à défaut de capacité de se transformer en véritables partis politiques capables de délivrer en termes socio-économiques, de libertés individuelles et de droits fondamentaux, les …

ministre du Kwazulu, accusé de solidarité avec les Afrikaners. Les Zoulous craignent d’être dominés par Xhosas

MRG: Minority Rights Group International · 29 February 2024 English

The coastal strip is the first decade of this century, in the last phase of the German colonial low-lying Namib desert and it is washed by the chilly waters of …

require ... The Africans - who were mainly poor Afrikaners - to encourage them Mandatory shall promote to

IEJ: Institute for Economic Justice · 9 February 2024 Afrikaans

die model word die BIG-scenario’s gefinansier deur verskillende mengsels van ‘n klein welvaartbelasting, ‘n maatskaplike sekerheidsbelasting (MSB) wat teen G EWAARBORGDE – die einde van die dekade ingestel word,3 en …

van R8 500 p/m, effens bó die na die ryker Suid-Afrikaners toe gaan. inkomstebelastingdrumpel wat tans rondom

Yellowhead Institute · 24 January 2024

of apartheid, 57 years of illegal occupation, and 17-year- long strangulation of Gaza – implemented by blockade, Evidently, this “axis of civilization’s” preferred fate for in itself an act of …

witnessed there by the few aid warned by the Afrikaners that they would be considered convoys permitted

SSI: Strategic Studies Institute · 20 November 2023 English

The result of the book’s many examples of the nuanced, complicated, and constantly shifting nature of security assistance relationships is to explode the principal-agent relationship and dramatize the fundamental messiness …

shortcomings or note how he was representative of racist Afrikaners. An extract from the introduction is worthy of

INREA: National Institute for research in technical sciences for the environment and agriculture · 6 November 2023 French

[7] found significant evidence for LD in the Afrikaners extending over a 6-cM range but LD decayed significantly Extended intermarker linkage disequilibrium in the Afrikaners, Genome Res. 12 (2002) 956–951. [8] Hästbacka

INREA: National Institute for research in technical sciences for the environment and agriculture · 26 October 2023 French

d’un côté, et des grands propriétaires terriens afrikaners, de l’autre. Cependant, les conflits de valeurs

INREA: National Institute for research in technical sciences for the environment and agriculture · 23 October 2023 French

variegate porphyria founder in south african afrikaners. Am. J. Hum. Genet. 62, 1254–1258. Hanlon, S

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