Air Travel

Air travel is a form of travel in vehicles such as airplanes, jet aircraft, helicopters, hot air balloons, blimps, gliders, hang gliders, parachutes, or anything else that can sustain flight. Use of air travel has greatly increased in recent decades – worldwide it doubled between the mid-1980s and the year 2000. Modern air travel is much safer than road travel.

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Amtrak’s Money‐​Losing Vision

Cato Institute · 1 April 2021 English

passenger‐​mile, but before the pandemic they were improving faster than Amtrak. I suspect that air travel will recover more than train travel so that, after the pandemic is but a distant nightmare, flying

improving faster than Amtrak. I suspect that air travel will recover more than train travel so that

Elite Status: Global Inequalities in Flying

Possible · 31 March 2021

flyers. From our analysis, we have provided regional estimates that give some indication of how far air travel is concentrated amongst particular groups. Meanwhile, recent estimations by Gossling & Humpe of the world's population), accounted for more than half of the passenger emissions generated by air travel .

China, EU and US cooperation on climate and energy

Chatham House · 29 March 2021 English

In what is a vital year for cooperative climate diplomacy, 2021 could represent a decisive shift in efforts to tackle the climate crisis. Countries are due to submit revised pledges …

or will it bounce back with public transport, air travel and office working returning to pre-pandemic

Renewing with Growth

World Bank Group · 29 March 2021 English

Latin America and the Caribbean suffered the largest death toll from Covid‐19 across developing regions and the sharpest decline in economic activity. With fewer school days and lower employment rates, …

economic activity. Figure 8. A collapse in global air travel 0 50,000 100,000 150,000 200,000 250,000 dramatic declines in mobility was related to air travel. Toward the end of March 2020, the number of voluntary social distancing would remain, affecting air travel, tourism and many other people-to-people interactions

Rich and Entitled Allies Don’t Need US Support

Cato Institute · 29 March 2021 English

Why should we protect stable allies who won’t protect themselves?

rapidly expanding (pre‐ COVID‐ 19) passenger air travel market. Germany does a lot of business with the

Addressing the COVID-19 Pandemic: Comparing Alternative Value Frameworks

NBER · 25 March 2021 English

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced countries to make difficult ethical choices, e.g., how to balance public health and socioeconomic activity and whom to prioritize in allocating vaccines or other scarce …

home; virtual instead of in-person meetings; air travel; and building planning).

Carbon Policy and the Emissions Implications of Electric Vehicles

NBER · 25 March 2021 English

Will a carbon tax improve the welfare consequences of policies to promote electric vehicles? This paper examines when a complementarity could exist between carbon pricing and high electric vehicle adoption. …

all primary modes of transportation, including air travel, freight transport, and miscellaneous transportation

Effects of Novel Coronavirus (COVID‐19) on Civil Aviation: Economic Impact Analysis

ICAO · 23 March 2021

Outlook for air travel from ICAO using ADS-B operational data and airlines' schedule filings. (125 charts on slides)

Consideration of Nature-Based Solutions as Offsets in Corporate Climate Change Mitigation Strategies

WRI · 22 March 2021 English

This paper reviews the prospective roles of NBS as offsets in corporate mitigation strategies and as a source of finance for NBS to combat climate change. It briefly describes the …

administration and governance of international air travel. IPCC Special Report, Climate Change and Land:

Big Push in Distorted Economies

NBER · 12 March 2021 English

Why don't poor countries adopt more productive technologies? Is there a role for policies that coordinate technology adoption? To answer these questions, we develop a quantitative model that features complementarity …

Germany as an exogenous shock that relocated the air travel hub from Berlin to Frankfurt; Kline and Moretti

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