Albinism is the "congenital absence of any pigmentation or coloration in a person, animal or plant, resulting in white hair, feathers, scales and skin and pink eyes in mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish and invertebrates as well. Varied use and interpretation of the terms mean that written reports of albinistic animals can be difficult to verify. Albinism can reduce the survivability of an animal; for example, it has been suggested that albino alligators have an average survival span of only 24 hours due to the lack of protection from UV radiation and their lack of camouflage to avoid predators. …



World Bank Group · 2 June 2024 English

trained 200 people with disabilities, including albinism, in business skills and entrepreneurship. Cabo

ADB: Asian Development Bank · 29 May 2024 English

This publication looks at barriers faced by many women and girls living with disabilities in Asia and the Pacific. It provides guidance on inclusive approaches to project and program design, …

children, including individuals with disabilities or albinism. CEDAW General Recommendation No. 39 (2022) on

World Bank Group · 23 May 2024 English

with a physical or mental disability (including albinism) and participants belonging to the category of

UN: The United Nations · 22 May 2024 English

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with albinism, including the provision of creams and glasses, and to raise awareness of albinism among

UN: The United Nations · 22 May 2024 English

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any harmful practices targeting children with albinism in Mali and, if so, what steps the Government stigmatization of and discrimination against children with albinism. He would welcome a practical example of a module

UN: The United Nations · 20 May 2024 English

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children with disabilities and children with albinism is not in place at the moment. This is due to Children with disabilities and children with albinism 122. No data. Reply to paragraph 43 (b)

UN: The United Nations · 14 May 2024 English

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children with disabilities, including children with albinism, had the same rights as all other children. Constitutional taken to address the situation of children with albinism, who often faced social rejection even from their

OHCHR: Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights · 13 May 2024 English

Special 2023 Report presented to the 78th session of the GA, explored Rapporteur for the application of human rights obligations in climate the promotion change litigation, the critical role of …

on persons with albinism enjoyment of (A/78/167). human rights by persons with albinism Working Group 2019

World Bank Group · 11 May 2024 English

living with disabilities, people living with albinism etc not easily get information about the project

EU: European Union · 3 May 2024 French

. . . . 17 3.1. Situation of people with albinism in Malawi and other African countries . . . . . . . . 36 4.1. Situation of people with albinism in Malawi and other African countries (RC-B8-0543/2017 of law (debate) 3.1. Situation of people with albinism in Malawi and other African countries Przewodniczący Herr talman! En av 20 000 personer i världen har albinism och bara i Nigeria lever omkring 2 miljoner av av dem. Diskrimineringen av personer med albinism är ett allvarligt problem i Afrika söder om Sahara

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