The demographic profile of Cameroon is complex for a country of its population. Cameroon comprises an estimated 250 distinct ethnic groups, which may be formed into five large regional-cultural divisions: western highlanders (Semi-Bantu or grassfielders), including the Bamileke, Bamum (or Bamoun), and many smaller Tikar groups in the Northwest (est. 38% of total population); coastal tropical forest peoples, including the Bassa, Duala (or Douala), and many smaller groups in the Southwest (12%); southern tropical forest peoples, including the Beti-Pahuin, Bulu (a subgroup of Beti-Pahuin), Fang (subgroup of Beti-Pahuin), Maka, Njem, and Baka pygmies (18%); predominantly Islamic peoples of the northern …

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World Bank Group · 9 November 2021 English

There is a vast economic literature studying the effects of climate change on long-run growth, migration, urbanization, and human capital, among several other outcomes. The paper is structured as follows: …

while borders are usually porous in the region, Cameroonians typically do not migrate to Chad, a significantly

RIA · 29 September 2021

population. These taxes are counterproductive in that they tend to undermine efforts to bring more Cameroonians online, disincentivise use and reduce the available spend for data, resulting in a drop in demand

IMF · 10 August 2021 English

Cameroon, the largest economy in the Central African Economic and Monetary Union (CEMAC), continues to face the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the onset of the pandemic, the IMF’s …

change (MEFP, ¶52). Every year, around 320,000 Cameroonians are affected by climate-related disasters. 14

HORN International Institute for Strategic Studies · 8 July 2021 English

a fracturing in the security apparatus as warlodism and The 4.5 power-sharing formula is Somalia’s unique model clan loyalty creep back into the rank and file of the army of …

parliamentary republic divided into English-speaking Cameroonians were forced to travel 10 ethnically-based regional

Afrobarometer · 25 June 2021

fight against the pandemic? Overall, according to a recent Afrobarometer survey, the majority of Cameroonians approve of the government response to the pandemic. However, citizens believe that socially, assistance due to corruption within the government. At a time when debates are focusing on vaccines, few Cameroonians trust them and say they are ready to be vaccinated. / Le premier cas de COVID-19 a été recensé

Afrobarometer · 18 May 2021 English

The African Platform on Access to Information (2011), adopted a decade ago by a group of leading African media and information stakeholders, recognizes access to information as a fundamental human …

d’Ivoire – pluralities agree. Burkinabè and Cameroonians are evenly divided on the issue. Younger

R2P · 15 March 2021 English

The government, UNSC and African Union government continues to deny the severity of the crisis and has (AU) should support attempts by the Vatican to mediate a failed to address …

civilians and ensure that the human rights of all Cameroonians are Nigeria. On 8 January at least 13 civilians the north-west and south-west regions. of all Cameroonians. The AU and Economic Community of Central What

Africa Portal · 11 March 2021

caught in the cross-fire between government forces and separatists."In his end-of-year address to Cameroonians in December 2020, Biya suggested the country had "returned to peace". From a leader who has not are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of SAIIA.(Main image: Young Cameroonians dressed in the colours of the Movement for the Defence of the Fatherland demonstrate in front

IOM · 23 February 2021 English

In order to examine the outlines of the ratification of the international convention on the protection of the rights of all migrant workers and members of their families, the Prime …

assisting Cameroonians abroad; developing policies and strategies for the participation of Cameroonians abroad promotion, and social and legal protection of Cameroonians abroad. Decree No. 2017/383 of 18 July 2017 been organized to establish dialogues between Cameroonians abroad, the Government of Cameroon, Cameroonian whose main prerogative is the protection of Cameroonians and their interests abroad. During the COVID‐19 missions have organized the repatriation of Cameroonians abroad through charter flights. The Government

FAO · 2021 English

This report presents the results of a food security assessment using FIES data collected via telephone for FAO in twenty food crisis countries. The surveys described in this report were …

existing vulnerabilities, likely pushing many Cameroonians into poverty.xx In addition, conflicts and

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